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    Thu, 21 May 2015 13:44:15

    Interview: Badflower -

    Los Angeles quartet revs up rock music with hyper-charged single "Soap" and forthcoming EP!

    Badflower take the intensity and intention of grunge and transform it into something decidedly fresh on their 2015 single "Soap." Signed to Hundred Handed, the Los Angeles rock outfit will unveil its new EP very soon, and it follows a myriad of fascinatingly seedy characters amidst all kinds of nefarious exploits. It brings something fresh and fiery to rock ‘n' roll, adding a new kind of spunk. This is just what the doctor ordered for the genre. We spoke to singer and guitarist Josh Katz about "Soap," the EP, movies, and so much more in this exclusive interview.

    What's the story behind "Soap?"

    There was this viral video that was online. It was a social experiment of a girl walking around New York with a camera strapped to her and the experiences of men "cat-calling" and being disrespectful. Through her day, there were a staggering number of disrespectful men calling out to her. I grew up in an environment where chivalry and respect for others was taught. When I saw this young woman's experiences, it inspired me to write a song, not from her perspective, but from the perspective of the "cat-callers."

    Why did you want to assume that mindset while writing?

    I usually go for that mindset. I consider myself a good guy and see bad behavior as particularly fascinating. When I go into a song and write about a situation like this, I often take the opposite or negative perspective.

    How do you weave these concepts and a narrative into the music? Do the lyrics just tell the story or do the instruments as well?

    It's a bit of both. Nothing I write is ever forced. I don't usually set out to write a song about something—even in this situation. I had no intention of writing this concept when I went to write, it just came out like that so I ran with it. The riff happened and the words followed.

    What's your vision for the EP?

    The EP involves the same characters—some fictional and some pulled from real life. Every song is being told from a very different perspective compared to the last song. Which seems to be how I write in general, not just on this EP.

    Is there a concept throughout all the songs?

    There is that concept of the "cat-caller." There is a bit of obsession and tortured, love addict characters. There are also a bit of murder and serial killer tendencies. It is behavior that would be considered taboo.

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