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    Fri, 29 Aug 2008 12:22:52

    Interview: Big Boi - You put your Sir Luscious Left Foot in. You put your Sir Luscious Left Foot out.

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    • Big Boi - NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 09:  (L-R) Sean 'Diddy' Combs speaks as Janelle Monae and Big Boi listen as Monae and Target celebrate the release of her new album  'The Electric Lady' at Pier 84 on September 9, 2013 in New York City.
    • Big Boi - NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 09: Recording artist Big Boi performs as Janelle Monae and Target celebrate the release of her new album  'The Electric Lady' at Pier 84 on September 9, 2013 in New York City.
    • Big Boi - CHICAGO, IL - MAY 01:  Musical artist Big Boi from the group Outkast throws out the first pitch before the game between the Chicago Cubs and the San Diego Padres on May 1, 2013 at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois.

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    • Big Grams - Fell In the Sun
    • Big Grams - Goldmine Junkie (Audio)

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    There's no set age to determine when you can claim "grown man" status, but you have to pass more than a few of life's sign posts on the highway to enlightenment before they'll issue you the card. 17 years in the game and 25 million records sold as one half of a groundbreaking musical duo should just about qualify a man for the right though. Which is why Outkast's Big Boi can go that route on his upcoming solo album, Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty. Chico Dusty is in fact the name Big Boi's father earned after proving to be a man worthy of the same respect in his time. Like father, like son, like whoa.

    With a track record on par with his flow—untouchable—there's not a doubt in anyone's mind that Big Boi is coming with that next level artistry on this release. Especially after checking the Andre 3000 assisted first single "Royal Flush" and its socially conscious follow up " Something's Gotta Give." Luckily we got the jump on the masses and reached out to the rap legend well in advance of the album's fall street date. During the conversation, he broke us off with wisdom about keeping your style fresh, family ties and a whole lot more.

    The title of this record that you've got coming out is a mouthful, Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty. Where did that come from?

    Sir Luscious Left Foot, that's me. That's the grown-man version of Big Boi. The Son of Chico Dusty— that just goes deeper into who I am. Chico Dusty actually is my father, who is a bad bad man. Very smart, but a bad bad man. At the same time, I'm in my father's shoes, and I'm ready for whatever. Ya hear?

    Okay, no doubt about that. You can tell that based on the first couple tracks, "Royal Flush" and "Sumthing's Gotta Give." I feel like you come in real strong lyrically on those two cuts. Are you coming out spitting like that the whole album?

    I've been spittin' my whole life. What are you talking about? [laughs] Straight up. It's been like this forever. I think people have not been taking notes, since now it's me by myself. I've been killin shit my whole life. The album gets better and better homie.

    How long have you been working on the record?

    For like 19 months, man. I started recording on Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday last year. And it's been like 19 months. I'll be done with the record after the weekend. We're looking at a total release for real.

    That's what I like to hear. Do you feel like this one came together real quick, or do you feel like it's been a long gestation period for you?

    It's been about the same time. When we put out the Outkast records it was usually two-and-a-half or three years. We were slow cooking. We don’t put anything in the deep fryer and give you the quick shit. We give you something that takes heart and soul.

    Do you feel like its cause you’ve proven yourself for so long that the label gave you that rope, or could other artists take their time if they wanted to?

    That's exactly what it is. When we made records, it's not done until it was done. We paid attention to deadlines, but we don't really pay attention to deadlines.

    As far as production, your homies Organized Noize worked on the album. Did they do every cut on it or just most of the songs?

    They did about half the album, and I did the other half. The other half of the album, I co-produced every song on the record. I put my hands on everything. Me and Andre have been producing since ATLiens. I wanted to concentrate more on the lyrics, and I co-produced with Organized Noize just to get the right sound. It was just fun, and the songs were made to fit. It was top notch.

    When you sit down in the studio at the boards, do you come with a whole concept? How does it start with you?

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