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  • Interview: Bizarre of D12 — "Remember this is drug free America, so get your drugs for free"

    Mon, 17 May 2010 11:03:27

    Interview: Bizarre of D12 — "Remember this is drug free America, so get your drugs for free" - D12's Bizarre chats with ARTISTdirect.com's Amy Sciarrettoin this exclusive interview about his latest solo album, <i>Friday Nights at St. Andrews</i>, his free party on May 18th in Detriot, his shower cap and ICP...

    Bizarre is a member of the D12 collective, but that hasn't stopped him from releasing his third solo album, Friday Nights at St. Andrews, the title of which references a live hub for hip-hop in Bizarre’s native city of Detroit. The club is special because while it is located in a tough city, it is a spot where the violence is put to rest for the same of the music that happens on any of the venue’s three floors! ARTISTdirect’s Amy Sciarretto grabbed a few minutes with the shower cap wearing rapper on the eve of the album’s release. He gabbed about the creative freedom he enjoyed while making the album, what’s new in D12’s world and his favorite artists that hail from Detroit. He even gave props to Insane Clown Posse! No joke! Read on to find out what’s going on under that shower cap of his.

    What's new and thrilling in Bizarre's world?

    I am about to hit the road, go on tour, do a Bizarre worldwide tour and I have a release party at St. Andrews Hall on May 18. I want everyone to come. It's my way of giving back to Detroit. We are in a recession and people cannot afford concerts and that's why this concert is free.

    Why do you think that fans of D12 and Bizarre will flock to this record?

    This is the most proud I am of everything I've ever done because it's what I wanted to do. I had complete control, with no A&R or label telling me what a single is or isn’t. I just did and that’s what is important to an artist, to have that creative control, so that was the best thing about it: being in the studio, getting high and making good music.

    What's going on with D-12?

    Man, we're still working. We just got off a 30-city tour and had two weeks rest, or three, and then we finish the album in the studio.

    Being from a Detroit, a city with a rich musical history, from Eminem to Madonna to the Motown sound, who are some of your favorites from Detroit?

    You have the Motown days and you have the Anita Bakers of the world, but you know, I respect all rappers from Detroit: from Esham, ICP to Slum Village, Black Milk, anyone that is making good music, man, I support.

    ICP? Really? Do you think they are a joke or do you think they are for real? It's cool, though, to hear a cred rapper such as yourself throw props to Insane Clown Posse!

    I don't think they are a joke. They have been putting it down for a long time and Detroit has a hardcore scene that started there, with that type of rap, and it started with them. They are definitely the forefathers of that. I gotta say, through this recession in the music business, they still sell out shows. Their fan base is crazy. They put the work down and that's why I respect them.

    Are you still shirtless and shower capped?

    I don't perform shirtless, but at some point in the show, I take off my shirt, when it is time to get rowdy. The shower cap ain't going nowhere. I try to get rid of it and it follows me. I have to learn to live with it. 'Where’s the shower cap, Bizarre?' is what people will ask, so I have to accept that it's my thing.

    Any famous last words?

    Everyone go cop the record and remember this is drug free America, so get your drugs for free.

    —Amy Sciarretto

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