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    Fri, 22 Feb 2008 15:25:01

    Interview: Bon Iver (Pt. 3) - The sound of solitude

    And were really, really feeling. I mean, when you get the Pitchfork stamp of approval, it does wonders for you. Say what you will about their commentary sometimes. So how did this all translate into the deal with Jagjaguawar?

    Well, I had been talking to a couple labels before that actually, as early as June and July. I sort of started to settle on a couple, which was really exciting, and then the Pitchfork thing came out. I had already talked to Secretly Canadian, and that's kind of the same label over there, Jagjaguawar and Secretly Canadian. I had already talked to them, and they were under the impression that I had already talked to a few people, and they didn't want to step on anybody's toes. This is weird. After the Pitchfork thing, I talked to major labels. I talked to every label out there, it seems like, and I ended up calling them [Secretly Canadian] back after I got all these crazy offers. I was just like, "Look, out of all the people I've talked to, you guys are the guys that I want to talk to." I was just sort of honest with them. I'm a pretty humble dude, but I was just sort of like, "Look, out of all the people I've talked to you guys are the ones I felt the most real with, and I think you guys are super awesome at what you do." So, it just sort of grew from there, and they were so trusting. They're just amazing dudes.

    That's awesome, and you're on a heck of a label now. They have a roster bar none. So it's a good place to be for you artistically.

    It's really true.

    You are getting a lot of noise right now. You've got people like me bothering you on a Friday morning, and you're probably, from what I gather, the kind of guy who likes his space. Is it weird having to do press, and having people surround you now?

    It is. It's weird only because I'm not used to it, and I've never done it. In a weird way — I'm a pretty humble person — but in a way I've wanted this so bad, for so long, since I was young, very young. And I'd been at it, tackling the dream for so long, that I had almost given up at a certain point. In fact, when I moved to the cabin, I was kind of done. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to come back after breaking up with my band. So, when all this happened, I was just so relieved. Everything happened so quickly, that now I don't know if I've snapped out of it — out of the realization mode. I'm waking up everyday, and just thinking, this is weird. I'm aware of the fact that I haven't really woken up yet, if that makes any sense. I'm going with it, and I'm dealing with all the new pressures, and it's ok. I'm happy with it.

    I'm sure it's something you can get used to. Where are you living right now? What's the residential situation?

    Well I moved out to Montreal for a while, after a tour last year. I was living there a couple of months, recording a band called Land of Talk. I'm back here [Wisconsin] now; I just bought a house here in my hometown. It is quiet here, and I really enjoy the fact that I can do all these business things, and maybe have a career, and I don't have to live in New York, or LA, or something. I'm really happy; I just bought this house on December 26.

    That's great, congratulations! Are you going to be back on the road with this soon?

    Yeah, right around the release date in February. I'll be touring for at least two months, if not two and half months, straight around the country. I'll be hitting the west coast after South By Southwest.

    Well, I can't wait for you to make it out to LA so I can come out and see it live.

    Oh man, yeah. Come out, we'll have a beer.

    Chas Reynolds

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