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    Mon, 22 Jun 2015 11:12:16

    Interview: Casey Veggies -

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    Inglewood rapper ready to really blossom with full-length debut Live & Grow, and he tells us all about it in this exclusive interview.

    Casey Veggies plants his autobiography at the heart of his full-length debut, Live & Grow [Epic Records/Vested In Culture], out August 7, 2015. Over the past few years, the Los Angeles MC has solidified himself as one of the most cinematic talents in the entire game. He's a born storyteller with the ability to literally transplant the listener into his world, hanging on to every single word. He's done that a few times with phenomenal mixtapes such as Customized Greatly Vol 3, Life Changes, and 2013's Fresh Veggies with Rockie Fresh. However, the album properly elevates him to the status of a hip-hop visionary. You can hear it on the first single "Tied Up" [feat. DeJ Loaf]. So, we spoke to Casey Veggies in this exclusive interview about Live & Grow, his role in the film Dope, inspirations, and so much more.

    How are you?

    I'm chilling here out in the city of L.A. I'm getting ready to go to the Bay Area tomorrow. I've got a show up there. I'm getting ready to drop this album Live & Grow.

    Did you approach Live & Grow with one vision or vibe in mind?

    Definitely! I just wanted to paint a picture of my life and where my life is at now from where it came from. It's about finding that perfect medium of talking about where I am now and how I got there, but then all of the things I remember about those times. You're reminiscing on those good times. That's what Live & Grow is. It's appreciating life and feeling like you've got to stay positive no matter what. That's the concept of my whole album. It's a coming-of-age story, speaking from any young kid's point-of-view who's growing up in the hood, trying to find a way out, and stay positive.

    Was it always important to make the first major full-length autobiographical?

    Yeah, all of my projects have been a part of my story. I feel like on every project I tell people where I'm at during the time. That's what all of my favorite artists do. I just learned from the greats how to tell my story. I love when artists tell you where they're at and how they're feeling at that moment. I think Live & Grow is my best work when it comes to how I express myself. It's how I feel and how my thoughts came off. Being 21-years-old now, it's a mature effort for me. The music is at another level, and I feel like I created my own sound. It's a great vibe. It's music that the whole world can feel.

    What's the story behind "Tied Up" [feat. Dej Loaf]?

    "Tied Up" is about being young and tied up in a situation, but still having somebody you care about. It's whatever you're tied up in. You can be an artist, you can be an athlete, or you can be in college, but it's just a young love story. The whole album talks about the youth and what we go through as we young kids and what a lot of artists are scared to talk about. I feel like a lot of artists would be scared to make a record like "Tied Up." At first, I'd tell people I was hesitant about putting it out as a single, but I loved the record when I first heard it. Shout out to DeJ Loaf who killed the performance and just brought that element that was necessary. It's a great record talking about growing up, having somebody you care about who's special to you, and wanting to have that perfect person who's perfect for you.

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