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    Fri, 15 May 2015 09:33:01

    Interview: Charles Perry -

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    The New York soul storyteller on his budding hit "Stranger To Love," getting real, and being a voice teacher.

    Charles Perry's new single "Stranger To Love" literally unlocks the floodgates for this prolific, potent, and poetic young artist. The Brooklyn native pens tracks with real emotion skirting the lines between soul, R&B, indie, and alternative and emerging with something that's wholly his own. Right now, he's in the process of preparing his full-length debut for The Verve Music Group [UMG], and he's got a whole lot to say. In between, he still gives voice lessons, helping shape budding talent. Charles is truly one-of-a-kind, and he's about to give the whole world a real lesson in heart. In this exclusive interview, he talks the heartbreak behind "Stranger To Love," what to expect from his forthcoming album, and more.

    With "Stranger To Love," you bring a fresh fire to a classic song structure and vibe.

    Thank you, man. I am very happy to hear that you love this music. It is an absolute blessing. We, as artists, just try and get in there and pour our souls into the music. When the public responds as they have been, it is the ultimate satisfaction. I know where it has come from. It is from a true, organic place. However, to see people like you receiving and embracing it makes all the difference in the world.

    There's a lot of emotion and the delivery is real.

    That's amazing to hear. I never get tired of hearing about people that I inspired. It's amazing when it reaches the world. When I was going through this, I was in a different place. It's truly a blessing to hear the impact on everyone.

    What's the story behind "Stranger To Love"?

    "Stranger To Love" is very simple. It is the epic story of someone who has had his heart broken over and over and over again. I got to the place where I did not think that love was possible anymore. It is for anybody that feels alone out there, which are millions of people. You feel like a "Stranger To Love" and that you cannot get it right. When I recorded the song, I was going through a bad breakup. I had gotten hurt really bad. I could have never imagined that it would be received so well. I feel through my pain that people are finding some sort of pleasure or gratification—it's truly a blessing.

    Is songwriting always a form of catharsis for you?

    The songwriting for my team and I has been very organic, you know? We come together and we speak reality amongst each other. Through my experiences, I believe that you cannot be a great songwriter until you have lived life. When you have lived life, that is when you have more stories. The stories are coming from an organic place because of the experiences I have been through. I thought I was cursed. I thought that Cupid had cursed me when it came to love. I had been loved so wrong that I had no idea what it was like to be loved in the right way. I have gotten to the place where I feel I nailed it. I had the wrong love half of my life. When we got the team together, we started speaking about these experiences, that is where "Stranger To Love" was birthed from.

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