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    Thu, 27 Aug 2015 08:08:50

    Interview: Death Rogen -

    Skatepunks with pedigree and a good sense of punk history.

    Death Rogen have arrived to bring punk back to life. They play the kind of thrashed up skate punk that revolutions are made of, and they do it better than anyone out there. The Sacramento dynamic duo of vocalist and guitarist Jakobe Moreno ("OG WAN JAKOBE") and drummer Hector Perez (YiffLord) channels the spirit of the genre's origins and delivers something timeless on EP 1. In this exclusive interview, Jakobe tells us all about the EP, his inspirations, and so much more.

    Death Rogen adds some real intensity back to punk. Where does that come from for you?

    Thank you, I really appreciate that. I've always been a fan of the fast-paced early aggressive punk rock that formed in the eighties. It's super hostile and gritty. I really have to give up to my mom for getting me into Minor Threat, The Sounds, and the Misfits at a super young age. They're still some of my favorite bands of all-time. However, shout outs to my dad too for getting me into Bad Brains in the later years too. As soon as I got a whiff of the real stuff as opposed to radio rock, I was addicted to the music and its anti-culture.

    I remember hating Disneyland at six-years-old. When I saw this group of punks walking around all geared out, I begged my mom to get me a picture with them, which I still have. It's a classic [Laughs]. I believe all great passionate punk died after the eighties when pop punk starting evolving and took away the edge that gives me and so many other dedicated punk fans chills up their spines. So, I like to direct myself to it at a very aggressive and intense sound when writing so even very entry level punks—like my younger cousin—can feel the energy and go crazy.

    What's the story behind "Hot Sk8"?

    Well, I live in Sacramento. As everybody from Sac knows, it gets hot as hell out here. It's an anthem for all the dudes and dudettes around Sac that sacrifice their lives to shredding in the heat or the pain and the agony that comes about from staying inside and driving yourself crazy wishing you had the energy to skate in some 108-degree weather.

    What artists shapes you? Who impacted you the most?

    That's a hard one! I really have to say, off the top of my head at a young age, I was, of course, inspired by my dad and have been for years because you know everybody looks up to his pops. I love that guy. Over the years, I collected a lot of inspiration through Human Rights of Bad Brains, Robert Smith, Darby Crash, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Adam Ant, and Ian MacKaye.

    "Dadderall" rules. Where did that song come from?

    Well, our previous guitarist had great dadwave. He was only twenty, but reeked of dadsthetic. By that, I mean dad jeans, Morrissey hair, button-up shirts, and great morals. In high school, he had an Adderall issue that ended up in a dependency. It wasn't severe but severe enough for a great inside joke that developed into a song with an outside ulterior meaning. Any drugs, even those suburban college study drugs like Adderall, can take over your life and ruin your relationships.

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