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    Wed, 06 Jul 2011 08:33:49

    Interview: Dir En Grey - Band talks "Different Sense" and more...

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    • Dir En Grey - DIFFERENT SENSE

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    Dir En Grey dive deep into the video for "Different Sense" and what fans can expect from their forthcoming album, Dum Spiro Spero in this exclusive Q&A below. It's a sensory masterpiece that you won't soon forget! See the band's insights into the video below!

    Where did the video concept from?

    The interpretation of the music video's story is very subjective. We don't want to push this onto anybody. It is a story that makes us as a band feel something as well. We have worked with the director Hiroyuki Kondo for many years. We started by asking him to listen to the track and then express what he felt, this is where the overall concept for the video came from. Borrowing our director's words "in order to create or express something in Japan now, it is unavoidable for an element of grotesque to not be part of that expression".

    "Whether a form of expression is 'harmful' or not is being determined by the values of those in the power, however in Japan now the expression of the view 'the world is beautiful, the future does not change' is actually more harmful, and I don't think there is anything as uninteresting to look at as an expression of the values of those in power."

    This is precisely a way of thinking that the band relates to, and we feel this was the right concept.

    Did you have on vision for Dum Spiro Spero as a whole or did it come together track by track?

    There was no vision for the album as a whole to start with. We made it one song at a time. Some songs that didn't make the cut for past projects were rearranged and recorded for this album, so the process actually began about two years ago. It has always been this way, but rather than having an overall image we focus on making one song at a time and ultimately end up with a complete image. We may be unconsciously forming an image along the way, but for this album we tried to not think about this or focus on the balance too much.

    How has Dir En Grey evolved on this album?

    We can't tell if we have evolved. Our process has always been to grasp at various things and turn what we sense into sound.

    I don't know if you can call this evolution, but in the past we have tried to do whatever we could do at that point in time and put it into our music. However after experiencing the earthquake on March 11th and the uncertainty of the aftermath, there was a sense that this could be the last thing that we make. This feeling of danger and also resolve went into our album.

    What’s next for you?

    There actually are many things we are working on now, but the next thing coming up is preparation for our upcoming tour. We will start in August going to Europe then Japan, South America, and will also be putting together North American dates in the near future, so it will be a nice and long one.

    In our personal experience of the earthquake and its aftermath, one thing that really hit home is the reality that you can die at any time without knowing it. We don't know what is waiting for us as we move forward, but as long as we are alive we want to take on this tour with a sense of determination.

    Lastly, did the current climate in Japan directly impact the music? Do you feel like you’re giving something positive back to the country with this art?

    I don't think there is anything in Japan now that hasn't been eaffected. The current situation is concerning for all of us, but we really don't know if our art can give something positive to Japan.

    Rick Florino

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