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    Wed, 13 May 2015 07:59:41

    Interview: Hollywood Undead -

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    Masked Los Angeles hybrid warriors on new album 'Day of the Dead', favorite Wu-Tang Clan spitter, and what's happening in 2015…

    Hollywood Undead cooked up a monster with their fourth full-length album, Day of the Dead [Interscope Records]. Starting their signature mixture of alternative, rock, industrial, and hip-hop, they transformed this sound into an even slicker and sharper beast. The record nods to their platinum-certified 2008 debut Swan Songs, but it's got the benefit of 7 years of wisdom and road experience, making for an even richer listening experience. There's a surprise around every musical corner always ending up in a sonic knockout. With Day of the Dead infecting fans and Hollywood Undead turning up the party all over the world on tour, we spoke to J-Dog about the record in-depth, turning back the clock to Swan Songs, and how he found East Coast hip-hop despite growing up on the West…

    What's up?

    I'm excited for you to see the next video.

    What's the next video for?

    It's for "Usual Suspects." A friend of mine has a filming duo with another friend. It's pretty awesome. It looks sort of like The Prodigy's "Smack My B**** Up." It's pretty rad. They filmed some of it during our Troubadour show. It's chaotic. It's like old school Hollywood Undead s***. It's filmed from the point-of-view of a fan who's going crazy. That's probably my favorite song on the album. I missed the days when Hollywood Undead was able to shoot more videos. Nowadays, it's all about budgets, f***ing politics, and what's going to be a "single." Why can't we just got together with whoever wants to film and make a video? So, we actually did that, and it came out awesome.

    So is "Usual Suspects" the most "old school" song on the album?

    In the sense of music, period, yes. It sounds like an old Suicidal Tendencies-type of song mixed with Hollywood Undead. We all grew up listening to things like Suicidal. As far as sound-wise, it was one of the more old school songs we've done. Some of the other songs are more dance-y, and this is straight up metal, punk rock.

    You're cruising around the streets and doing the same things…

    I know. Isn't it sad? [Laughs] You'd think years later I would've learned my lesson. Subject matter and song-wise, it's how the band started. Like you said, we still tend to find ourselves doing the same s*** years later.

    You do it better than anybody though!

    I know. I wish someone else would do it like us or better so I could open up for them on tour [Laughs]. We're just too different, Rick.

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