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    Thu, 29 Oct 2009 10:05:15

    Interview: Hyro Da Hero - Hyro Da Hero, one of hip hop's brightest young talents, speaks to ARTISTdirect.com editor and <I>Dolor</I> author Rick Florino about creating gangsta rock, why his heart is in Texas and bringing rap to the next level in this exclusive interview...

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    • Hyro Da Hero - Hyro Da Hero at Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom
    • Hyro Da Hero - Hyro Da Hero at Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom
    • Hyro Da Hero - Hyro Da Hero at Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom

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    • Hyro Da Hero - SLEEPING GIANTS

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    Hyro Da Hero deserves hip hop supremacy.

    He fires off clever and quick quips like nobody's business, and he's got a whole hell of a lot to say in his raps. If that weren't enough, he does it over a rock n' roll backdrop. However, this isn't your older cousin's "Nu Metal." This is something far more real, raucous and revolutionary.

    Think Rage Against the Machine meets 2Pac meets Eminem with the kind of thought provoking lyrics that'd make Corey Taylor proud, and you're only half way there.

    Hyro sat down with ARTISTdirect.com editor and Dolor author Rick Florino for this exclusive interview about who he is and why you should start paying attention to him RIGHT NOW...get gangsta now, bitch...

    What are the ingredients for "Gangsta Rock?"

    A touch of street smarts, a dash of punk rock attitude, sautéed with intelligent thoughts, and a side of in-your-face reality! Enjoy. It tastes great.

    If your new album were a movie or a combination of movies, what would it be?

    Elements of the movie Juice from a personal perspective, some scenes from Grandma's Boy for the witty dialogue, and Gran Torino for kickin' everyone's ass.

    What is it that you like about playing with rock n' roll bands?

    Besides freaky sexy tattooed chicks, I love being able to rock out and let loose. Most hip hoppers don't feel comfortable showing any sort of emotion on stage and, at rock shows, I can wile out and not get the feeling of being confined which is the typical norm of rap music. It's time for a change....

    So far, who has been the best the audience and why?

    The Texas crowds rock, and it feels great to go home. I have created mosh pits with 30 people vibing to my "Dirty South Rock"-style. Ain't nothin' like seeing people rock out to your music!

    What's next for you?

    Writing, recording, touring, rinse and repeat...

    Rick Florino

    Check out Rick Florino's new novel Dolor available now for FREE here

    For more info on Hyro visit his MySpace

    Photo Courtesy: Alan Eigen

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