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    Mon, 14 Apr 2014 14:39:02

    Interview: Just Ivy - By ARTISTdirect.com editor in chief Rick Florino...

    Pop's got a new bad girl. Just Ivy is about turn the entire game upside down with her R&B-infused hybrid. She's got a dynamic delivery that immediately captivates and a sexy swing which seduces on-sight. "Bad Girl Takeover" lives up to its title as it elevates Just Ivy to the status of a new diva queen.

    In this exclusive interview with ARTISTdirect.com editor in chief Rick Florino, Just Ivy talks about "Bad Girl Takeover" featuring DJ Khaled and Meek Mill, influences, and more in this exclusive interview.

    Were you always influenced by a wide range of genres?

    I think it's just a part of me. I'm not one person. There are many things I'm passionate about and interested in. At the same time, I can't just be in one lane or one genre. That's why I'm trying different things. All of them are a part of me. I'm not totally a pop artist. I'm not just an urban artist either. I love all kinds of music, and I like experimenting with them.

    How did "Bad Girl Takeover" come together?

    Well, it's actually not the first record I did with DJ Khaled. It's the third. Khaled and I have great chemistry and an incredible relationship. We get each other. Every record he comes out with, I feel like it was done for me. When we met, we were working on something else. He said, "I want to do a record based on how I see you. Just let me do it". He played "Bad Girl Takeover", and I was like, "Wow!" At first, there weren't any other features. It was just me. While recording, Khaled told me we were going to get someone who had fire for that. He suggested Meek Mill. Meek heard the beat in the studio. Five minutes later, he went into the booth and had the first verse done. He sat down, listened some more, and went back to the booth. He's so talented. The whole process was just amazing.

    What's the song about lyrically?

    It's about all of the girls who try to be good for this one guy and, all of a sudden, he fucks it up, basically. Sometimes in life you have chances, women tend to give them to men. Once it's over though, it's over, and there aren't any more chances. I'm gone. A lot of girls have gone through this situation, and guys regret it later. That's Meek's part on the song. That's the whole meaning of the song. If you cross the line, it's done. Women have to find the strength to say the words, "I'm done", no matter how hard it is.

    Where did "Paradise" come from?

    We were also working on a completely different record. I was in the studio, listening to the music, vibing, and thinking about what should come next. I heard the melody, and I fell in love with it. We wrote the lyrics the same day. We thought it would be amazing to have Akon as a feature. That's how it worked out. Akon came in and did his thing. He's great to work with and very supportive.

    Is it important for you to paint pictures with the songs?

    When you hear a record and see a video, I don't think they necessarily have to match all the time. The next song I have coming out, the video has nothing to do with the song. It's totally unexpected. I let everybody use their own imagination. There's a visual of how I see it, but everybody can see it in their own way and feel it how they do. As an artist, you need to try different things to get to a certain level and find yourself.

    What artists shaped you?

    I respect everybody's work. It doesn't necessarily mean it's the style of music I would do or the show I would perform. Everything comes back to childhood. It could be one song that did something to me. The artist I have immense respect for is Madonna because she constantly comes up with new things and she's been working so hard since her twenties until now. There's not a day where she didn't come up with something new. She's working. She didn't just have a record out, get famous, and forget it. She's on it 24/7. I love her music.

    What's next for you?

    We're working on completing the album. The next single is called "Light Me Up", and it's produced by DJ Khaled. We're collaborating yet again. We're working on putting a show together. We're doing a video for "Light Me Up". It's about doing the best I can, trying hard as I can, and learning new things every day as I do everything.

    Rick Florino

    Have you heard Just Ivy yet?

    Watch the Video for "Bad Girl Takeover" Below!

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