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    Mon, 07 Jul 2014 09:34:24

    Interview: Kalin and Myles - By ARTISTdirect.com editor in chief Rick Florino...

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    Kalin and Myles have brought their own dreams to life in a big way this year. The Northern California duo inked a major label deal with Republic Records after grinding it out independently and building a massive following. Now, they've dropped their phenomenal EP Chase Dreams [iTunes link], and it's as inspiring as it is infectious. They're officially the next big thing now.

    In this exclusive interview with ARTISTdirect.com editor in chief Rick Florino, Kalin and Myles talk Chase Dreams and so much more.

    What ties Chase Dreams together for you?

    Myles: It's interesting. There are a lot of different sounds on the EP. "No Ordinary Girl" has this more beach-y feel. We hadn't really done that before. There's a very R&B, nineties influence on "Feel Like Party'n". We're still trying to figure out how it all comes together without sounding too far away from our sound. I think it has to do a lot with us writing our own material. We get to share our lives. That's what really brings it together.

    Is there a through line in terms of subject matter? It feels like there is.

    Myles: I never really listened to it like that. Now that you said it, it makes me want to go through it like that [Laughs].

    Is it important for you to tell stories with the songs?

    Myles: "Love Robbery" was our first real story. "No Ordinary Girl" is a story as well. It's fun to have some party music like "Go To Work". That's something to dance to. The lyrics there might not be as deep as some people want them to be. It's more about fun in that case. There's definitely a side where we want to have more depth too. It's all about having fun.

    Has the meaning of "Love Robbery" changed at all for you?

    Myles: It's very surprising. The songs we were getting a lot of response to before that song came out had more energy. When "Love Robbery" came out a while ago, we had another slower song too. To see what "Love Robbery" is doing now is awesome. When we made the song, it all came together quickly as far as production. It flowed. It almost just happened. It's cool to see a song like that could do what it's doing. You're looking at from a perspective where it's us in a room with some equipment we got from Guitar Center. That goes back to when we talk about chasing dreams. If "Love Robbery" can do what it's done, anybody can really do what they want with some passion and patience behind it.

    Kalin: Like Myles said, we were in the studio, and we were feeling a little throwback inspiration. How the song came about was really cool. It's great to see it get a good response from girls as well as some guys. The response has been really diverse.

    Which song from the EP resonates the most with you guys right now in the moment?

    Kalin: My favorite on the EP is "Feel Like Party'n". That's where I got to express some relatable instances that have happened. I was bringing some of that energy back into the song which is cool. We both wrote our verses, and that one came together quickly as well.

    Myles: For me, it's "No Ordinary Girl". I really like the message. I've been that person who doesn't always try to look for the hottest girl out there. Nothing against super beautiful women...

    Kalin: [Laughs]

    Myles: I can just find some cool conversation and a really great spirit in somebody you wouldn't necessarily expect. It's about being insecure. At the same time, I'm super insecure as well. It's cool to talk to girls in that way about loving yourself and finding happiness there.

    If you were to compare Chase Dreams to a movie or a combination of movies, what would you compare it to?

    Myles: Probably The Notebook [Laughs].

    Kalin: Dang, that's cool! I would say 22 Jump Street and Coach Carter. We have a very humorous and funny side to us so that's why I say 22 Jump Street. At the same time, I go to Coach Carter. There's nothing easy. We've worked for everything we've gotten up to this point. We worked really hard on the EP, and it's cool to have it out and get a great response. Having people tell us they like it is awesome. It's funny, but hard work went into it. That's why I chose those two movies.

    What artists do you two bond over?

    Kalin: Chris Brown is a big reason I started making music. I study him. I really look up to his craft in the music. Together, we look up to that Bay movement. When Myles is making some songs, we think about the Bay and how we can capture that energy when we're performing on stage.

    Myles: You've got to think about where it all started when we went to the college track show. That's the main one!

    Kalin: Yeah!

    Myles: It would definitely be Justin Bieber. We've been to a couple of his shows. As he was breaking, we were both watching his progress and how he was going about it. His whole thing was Never Say Never. Right there, that's with chasing dreams. We were really inspired by that. We saw him in Saratoga at this college track benefit concert. That was the first time. We left that concert super inspired.

    Rick Florino

    Have you heard Chase Dreams yet?

    See our "Pay Attention 2" feature and Chase Dreams as our "EP of the Week".

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