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    Tue, 02 Jun 2015 14:02:35

    Interview: Kayla Brianna -

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    • Kayla Brianna - Honest

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    TV presence pops out with stunning debut single approved by Birdman, Vince Herbert, and Ron Fair.

    Kayla Brianna takes the microphone and draws the attention right to here with her debut single "Honest." If she's recognizable, it's probably because she captured your heart on TBS's Meet The Smiths. Moreover, her dad is NBA icon Kenny "The Jet" Smith. Her voice is making big waves across the industry with the endorsement of magnates such as Ron Fair and Vince Herbert and even a cameo spot from Birdman in her sizzling video for "Honest." Speaking of "Honest," it's a striking, sharp, and soulful introduction to this new superstar. Her voice takes flight to heavenly heights and immediately captivates. With "Honest" gaining steam, we spoke to Kayla about the single, her story, favorite movies, and so much more.

    How did "Honest" assemble?

    I wrote it with Eric Bellinger, and it was just an easy experience writing in the studio. That's when you know it's the song you should go with [Laughs]. Sometimes, it can take an hour-and-a-half, but yesterday I was in the studio from 7pm until 2am working on one song! It just depends. You never know how long it will take.

    How long does it take for you to know it's going to be easy?

    It's usually after you do the hook of the song. I always like to get the hook down, because that's what everyone will sing along to. "Honest" was really easy. The hardest part is finding the hook. That's usually what takes the longest. If you don't have a hook that's memorable, it's like, "Let's start over." It's relatable. I feel like everybody is debating about whether or not honesty in a relationship can help or hurt you. It is what it is.

    Was that a theme you knew you wanted to tackle for a while?

    Usually, the songs I write are all situations I go through. I went through that type of situation. Eric helped me relay it while still remaining myself and sounding like me. I always want to make sure the songs I put out have some type of message behind them, so they're not just lyrics on a track. The fact that people can understand the message and talk about it is my goal.

    "Honest" really showcases your vocal range?

    I'm glad you noticed! That's good. I was like, "I still want to showcase my voice" and "I still want to have a cool track people can bop their heads to and snap to without it being rapping over a song, which a lot of people do nowadays." I'm glad I got to showcase my voice and people will see that!

    Does "Honest" hint at the musical direction you're headed?

    It's definitely a start. I've been working on music a lot. I live in L.A., but I'm in Atlanta now recording. I've been here for the past two weeks making sure the next song is ten times better. I set the bar really high. I want to universal music that a bunch of people can relate to and sing to. It's about getting that right and remaining true to my sound. It's a good start.

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