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    Tue, 04 Mar 2014 10:23:35

    Interview: Keltie Knight - By ARTIStdirect.com editor in chief Rick Florino...

    "The world is amazing, and I can't stop wondering about it," exclaims Keltie Knight.

    That inquisitiveness makes the host of The Insider and leading blogger so fantastic at what she does. Knight constantly searches for "the next big thing", and then provides an appropriate platform to actually break that artist or actor. She's integral to pop culture, and she's leading the way as far as reporting goes.

    So, ARTISTdirect.com editor in chief Rick Florino spoke to Keltie Knight in this exclusive interview about her process and so much more.

    Do hosting, blogging, and writing all intertwine for you? Or, are they separate mindsets?

    They come together because I'm naturally the most curious person in the entire world. I grew up in a really little, very isolated town in Northern Canada. We really didn't have anything. I'd never seen a BMW or an avocado until I moved to California [Laughs]. It was very secluded. It made me grow up being so curious about the entire world. I have my hands in so many things because I'm always questioning, and I love so many different things. It doesn't seem weird to me that I'm a complete book nerd and I want to write books or I'm blogging about all of these lifestyle things because I love fashion, poetry, and human interests. Then, of course, I'm talking about celebrities and pop culture on The Insider. They all come together because I'm always wondering. On my Facebook page, I'm always posting pictures of the baby sloths being at the zoo or the elephant mothers. Yesterday, it was the guy who has a dolphin. The dolphin comes and asks for help, and he has to unhook his fin.

    So the curiosity ties everything together?

    Exactly! I'm really born to ask questions and ponder life a little bit. That sounds really profound [Laughs].

    As far as hosting goes, what goes into making a good show or interview?

    My personal M.O. is to always be in front of whatever's happening. It's really easy—especially now with the internet and celebrities on their Instagrams giving us so much information—to regurgitate what other people are already saying is cool, hip, and big. For me, it's going deeper than that and really listening to every type of music that comes out and finding those people who only have fifty followers on their YouTube pages, seeking out that thing which is going to be big, and telling people about it first. That's my thing. I love to be the first person to introduce new artists and up-and-coming celebrities. I have a pretty good track record. I did Ed Sheeran's very first U.S. interview. I was the first person to interview Imagine Dragons. I was one of the first Fun. interviews even though I was following them for a long time. I really work hard. The Insider is so mainstream, and we cover the biggest stars in the world so I work hard to find a place to feature emerging talent.

    Who are some of your favorite artists?

    There are so many. I was just on Spotfiy this morning, and I noticed Neon Trees' new single "Sleeping With A Friend" has 675,000 plays or whatever. I'm probably 600,000 of them [Laughs]. I just love that song so much. I can't stop listening to it. I'm really enjoying Purity Ring who are actually from the same town as me. Megan James is like four years younger than me. We went to the same elementary school. I love this band Stars from Canada. I'm loving the new Paramore record. I listen to a little bit of everything. My favorite artist of all-time is Matt Nathanson. He had that big song "Come On Get Higher". You hear it in coffee shops everywhere, and he's my favorite music artist ever.

    Did you ever get to meet him?

    I have every one of his records. When Twitter came out, he was the first person I followed. I literally Twitter-stalked him for two years. I blogged about it too. I was like, "I'm at JFK Airport. Matt Nathanson just tweeted that he's at JFK Airport. Guys, do I ask him if he's in the Delta terminal?" I'm such a nerd for Matt Nathanson. I literally stalked him so much that I was like, "We should meet!" One of the things I've learned with interviewing all of these celebrities is, after you've interviewed them, a little bit of the magic dust falls off. You're like, "Oh, you're just a regular human!" Then, I got the chance to interview him for The Insider, and I could not even speak. At my wedding this summer, my best friend Christina Perri flew Matt Nathanson out and surprised me by having him sing my husband and my first dance at our wedding. It was our favorite song in the whole world.

    How do you tend to find new talent?

    You know what? I ask my Twitter followers. I'll say, "I'm feeling happy today, what song should I be listening to?" They have their ears to the ground. We find the coolest things together. I'll get fifty videos deep on Instagram. If you hashtag "songwriter" or "singer", you can find some cool 15-second videos. For actors, I'll keep watching the carpet. You'll see these people, and maybe no one wants to interview them. I'll think, "Well, they must be here for a reason, and I'll go scope them out and find out what projects they're in". I think we can all remember when Jennifer Lawrence was first walking carpets before she was an Oscar winner. It's good to keep your eyes open to all that.

    Rick Florino

    Have you seen any of Keltie's interviews?

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