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    Mon, 04 May 2015 11:49:44

    Interview: Laleh -

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    The Swedish pop singer and songwriter takes us on a trip through a magical Boom.

    Laleh released her Boom EP [Island Records] in the fall of 2014. The Swedish songstress managed to tap into the most gorgeous and colorful pop mysticism this side of Florence + the Machine. Her vulnerable vocalization brings vivid lyrics to life on songs like the entrancing single "Colors," adding a sixties psychedelic sheen to ageless melodies. You'll want to escape to her world forever after one listen. She told us all about Boom, magic, and more in this exclusive interview.

    There's a lot going on in your songs. How would you describe your approach?

    Since I produce, I'm usually alone in the studio. I have a very independent way of working, but I love to have this broad communication. I really believe we all have these feelings and we think about them more or less, but we're not reminded of them. Everything in pop culture is based on distraction from what's really important as are most of the things we do on a daily basis. When I'm creating though, things just happen automatically. I want to separate myself from the distraction. I just go in there and get out of there like, "What just happened?" The only vision I have is for each song. When I come up with a song, I have a specific vision for that individual song, and I execute it. I don't really consider the other songs or myself. I don't limit the songs to anything. They become whatever they want. I'm considering what's best for the song. The fun part is having a vision for a specific song and making sure that happens.

    Is it important for you to paint pictures with the songs? They are very colorful.

    Thank you! You're right. Sometimes, I have the backing vocals answering to me or telling me something. Some songs are almost like a dialogue between the choir and me. In "Colors," it's the choir that's telling me, "Just because it's black in the dark doesn't mean there's no color." You could say I'm definitely painting a picture.

    What's "Colors" about for you?

    In the verses, I'm saying I have a talk with the shadows fighting for me. That's something we all go through. We have this darkness and this light within us, at least I do. We have both good and bad in us, and we try to have a discussion between those two and find ourselves in all of this. It's really about that. I'm having this talk with the shadow and the light fighting for me. The backing vocals, which are also me, tell me everything's not black and white, and there are colors to everything. Just because we're in a situation where we can't see the outcome or purpose, we never know. There's a lot we don't know about. So, we should try to enjoy every moment. It's hard to describe. That's why I write songs!

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