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    Tue, 14 Jul 2015 11:29:41

    Interview: Lena Fayre -

    Southern California songstress brings a beautiful darkness to alternative pop and tells us all about her new EP Is There Only One?.

    Lena Fayre releases her new independent EP, Is There Only One?, on July 24, 2015. Following up Oko, tons of plays online, and vast critical acclaim, the Southern California singer and songwriter expanded her sound and evolved in the most wonderful way. We like to dub what she does "Ghost Pop," because for as wistful and wondrous as its alternative interpolation of soundscapes and hooks can be, it's also just as hypnotic and haunting. She tells us all about Is There Only One? and the story behind that soul in this exclusive interview.

    Did you approach Is There Only One? with one particular vision or vibe in mind?

    We did the writing and producing of that EP at the same time, and I think that I was in a particular headspace, lyrically and melodically as I was telling a particular story. With Oko, I kind of wavered, and that was a goal moving forward. I wanted to create a cohesive listening experience. That was the intention.

    What threats it together for you?

    I was in a troubled relationship that ended in a strange way. I wanted to speak about things such as what relationships look like now in modern times and how we deal with possessions, belonging, and those interpersonal relationships. It's still something that I am learning. It is a big theme for my life.

    Is it important for you to paint pictures and tell stories in the songs?

    I wanted this EP to be more of a narrative. Naturally, I tend to focus on content that is more image-based—sort of a non-tangible style of lyricism. I wanted to tell a specific story of a relationship that was true. On Oko and other things I had done in the past, fantasy was a big part of songwriting. It was the most interesting and challenging thing for me. I learned that writing songs about personal truths or hardships was far more difficult for me.

    Listen To "Colors of Leaving" from Lena Fayre:

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