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    Mon, 08 Jun 2015 10:30:50

    Interview: Lil Dicky -

    You might've seen his hilarious and sly videos on YouTube, and now he's ready to take over the game with his full-length debut 'Professional Rapper.'

    Lil Dicky has garnered millions upon millions of views on YouTube with the songs "Lemme Freak," "Classic Male Pregame," and "White Crime." Beyond the ultra-hilarious visuals, the boy can seriously spit, and that's what his self-released full-length debut, Professional Rapper, will prove over and over again when it drops July 31. Rap these days is rarely this sharp, and Dicky's not afraid to make you think or laugh. He's as Professional in that respect as it gets. So, we talked to him all about the vision for the record, getting wild for the videos, the TV show he's developing, and more.

    How are you?

    You know, we're just in our RV on the way to New York City. We've got a hole in the top of the vehicle.


    We hit a bridge last night. It's kind of cold in here.

    Was everyone okay?

    Yeah, everybody's fine. It's just dark.

    Well, now you have a sun roof.

    You can call it that, especially because it's raining [Laughs]. It's more like a rain roof.

    Your storytelling really stands out. What's your vision for Professional Rapper? What story are you telling here?

    That's a great question. I didn't go into it thinking, "I'm going to make a concept album" in the way that everything is completely interconnected, but I wanted it to feel like what life has been like since I began this journey seven-and-a-half years ago. It's got everything. It's got the wanting to have sex with women on "Lemme Freak." It's got going out a year or two ago with my friends to a club and not getting in.

    I just wanted to show people all of the different facets of me. Personally, there are songs I write about my love life in a serious way. There are songs I write about my love life in a non-serious way too. Then, it's also professionally what I'm going through—how it's great in ways and how it's scary in other ways. It doesn't just explore every facet of me lyrically but also musically. One song will be singing the whole time, and one song will be me rapping like a cypher type vibe. It's so many vibes of hip-hop. If I am a pizza as a human being, I want to show all of the slices. If I am a pizza as a rapper, I'd love to show all of the slices too.

    So, this is you on tape?

    It's every facet in my current state. My facets will always change. I'm evolving as a human being. I want my art to be a reflection of where I am in life. This does that. There's a lot. I don't think much is left unsaid right now. There's not much on my chest that I feel I didn't get off of it for this current time, which is a satisfying feeling.

    What's the story behind "Lemme Freak?"

    I just realized I had never made a song where I'm speaking to women about having sex with them. Every rapper needs that song. I knew I had to make it at some point. At the time, I had a girlfriend. The first verse, I always imagined picking up a girl at a bar. Then, I didn't want to leave it at that. I wanted to follow different stages to the idea of "Lemme Freak" in terms of trying to have sex with a girl. I thought my perspective on getting a girl to have sex with me is so different with a girlfriend than trying to pick up a girl at a bar. I wanted to tell that story too. The third verse is me trying to be over-the-top, funny, and old. I wanted to throw an extreme curveball and tell that story in like fifty years. I don't know if people expected it. I was just looking for an excuse to get in old man makeup [Laughs].

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