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    Thu, 02 Jul 2009 10:16:42

    Interview: LMFAO - LMFAO talk girls, recording with Lil Jon, partying all the time and why they are not whores in this ARTISTdirect.com exclusive...

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    • LMFAO - HOLLYWOOD, CA - MAY 20: Redfoo of LMFAO attends Afrojack's 'Forget The World' album release celebration at Create on May 20, 2014 in Hollywood, California.
    • LMFAO - HOLLYWOOD, CA - MAY 20: Redfoo of LMFAO attends Afrojack's 'Forget The World' album release celebration at Create on May 20, 2014 in Hollywood, California.
    • LMFAO - HOLLYWOOD, CA - MAY 20: Redfoo of LMFAO attends Afrojack's 'Forget The World' album release celebration at Create on May 20, 2014 in Hollywood, California.

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    LMFAO know lots of girls.

    Most of those lovely ladies pop up on their epic electro hop debut, Party Rock, due out July 7th via Interscope. Some of them are club rats while others are wily hipsters. They all have one thing in common—LMFAO have partied with them from Miami to L.A.

    Party Rock is a feel good record, and it's just what the doctor ordered for summer. One-half of the enigmatic duo, Sky Blu, laughs, "There are a lot of memories in those songs!"

    Sky and his partner-in-crime Redfoo took ARTISTdirect.com on a trip down memory lane for this exclusive interview. They discussed picking up chicks in the club, their smash hit "I'm in Miami, Bitch," working with Lil Jon, the language of partying and why they are not whores.

    Get ready to rock....

    Is this album the soundtrack to the party?

    Sky Blu: I feel like it's the soundtrack to the party of life. We live our lives how we want to. We always want to party, and we always want to have fun so it's the soundtrack to how we live. It also applies to how many other people live. They're the ones that go to the clubs and take down a shot or two…or five [Laughs]. You know what I'm saying? We cater to the people who enjoy life and really love to celebrate for no reason, basically.

    At the same time, the album has a rock n' roll vibe. You've found the perfect marriage between Motley Crue and dance music.

    Sky Blu: Interestingly enough, we're very influenced by that energy and that rock n' roll feel. If you listen to Michael Jackson, he has a band and he has "Beat It." He has a rock n' roll type of energy. We're inspired by things like that, and this is what comes out.

    Well, every genre—from pop to heavy metal—needs someone to start the party.

    Sky Blu: Right! It's not really restricted by a genre. We're not like, "That ain't cool! That ain't hip hop!" It's a party! That's the only restriction—does it work in a party?

    Now, more than ever, kids need to have a good time

    Sky Blu: That's what sets us apart. We know there's a recession. But, if you think about it, all of the songs that were meant for the club—like the disco songs—are timeless because that's what the majority of the world has in common. Everyone loves to party! Back in the day when people were congregating in tribes and living wild, they would dance around the fire after they killed what they were hunting for. So it's in the instinct of humans to celebrate something, dance around and have fun.

    The language of partying is the most universal.

    Sky Blu: Exactly! No matter where you're at, you understand a smile and you understand someone's dance moves because they're happy.

    What typically inspires you to write?

    Sky Blu: Different experiences. Every song has its own experience that took place to create it. For instance, "I'm Not a Whore" has a great story. Foo and I were really into picking up girls. We'd go to the club and try different techniques. One day, Foo was like, "All of these different girls are coming up to us and complimenting us on our hair, our clothes, our music and everything. We just say, 'Thank You' and that's the end of the conversation." He said, "No, never again will I do this! Next time a girl comes up to me I'm going to accuse her of trying to sleep with me." I started laughing. So we go to the club and a girl comes up to him. He says, "Listen, I'm not a piece of meat. I know you want to come up here and touch my hair and all this stuff, but I'm not going to freak with you. Don't try. None of your tricks are going to work. I saw you trying to touch my booty; don't touch my booty!" All of a sudden, the girl is touching his booty saying, "Don't tell me what to do." So a stranger—a girl that just came up to him—is touching his ass! [Laughs] I was like, "Wow, that shit really works!" Another time he just told a girl, "I am not a whore!" So that's how that concept came about. If you look at our dailies on YouTube, Foo actually say it in one of them. That's where that concept comes from. Every song is like that. They're all about different instances that come up.

    Where was the "Lil' Hipster Girl" from?

    Sky Blu: You know what? I'm going to have Foo tell you this one because it's a good one, man. Foo, can you tell him how "Lil' Hipster Girl" came about?

    Redfoo: Sure!

    So where did you meet the "Lil' Hipster Girl?"

    Redfoo: We were at Banana Split which is DJ AM and Steve Aoki's club in Hollywood. We were there, people were breakdancing and they were playing some electro. We just saw this girl and she was moving! She had these steps with her feet and she was clicking her heels. She was wearing these sparkly shoes. We were taken aback by her! We went home and we had to write a song about her. I could not get her out of my mind! That's how we wrote the song "Lil' Hipster Girl."

    Did you talk to her or anything?

    Redfoo: Not that first night, no. We made the song and we saw her the next week at Banana Split. I was so happy to see her again, and I said, "Hey, we made a song about you!" She said, "No, don't lie!" I said, "Let me get your number." We posted the song on MySpace, and I told her to check it out. She texted me back, "I love it. Is this really about me?" I said, "Yeah, this is from last week!" We used her picture on our MySpace as the little song photo. Then we had a show one time and I said, "Hey if you want to come up and dance with us during a show you can." Now, she comes out and dances with us all the time.

    So you guys made her famous.

    Redfoo: Yeah! She kind of made us famous because she was so cute that we had to write about her and actually that song was like #3 on HypeMachine worldwide. She inspired us to write this kind of aggressive song. The beat is so hard and aggressive because The Bloody Beetroots were DJing that night at Banana Split.

    The album is cinematic in that sense.

    Redfoo: Yeah, man! Thanks a lot! We feel like each song is a mini-movie. Even "Leaving You for the Groove" is like that. It was about when Sky left his girl. That was a sad point in his life. He had to pick music and his dream over his girl. That one is kind of the same way. We've got "I Don't Wanna Be" which is also a love story.

    You also kicked things off with "I'm in Miami, Bitch." Do you tend to have fun down there?

    Redfoo: Oh yeah! We just got back about two days ago, and I think it's the ultimate party place. It has to be. I don't know if it's the weather, what they put in the water, the women or if it's a Latin thing. People want to get loose—especially now! The whole town sings our song. I feel like we wrote the script for them to follow. That's what you expect to do in Miami. Drink all day and play all night. That's what you do now. It's even more than it was when we first went there.

    What was it like working with Lil' Jon on "Shots?"

    Redfoo: He's like the coolest person you'll ever get to meet! We'll be in the studio working and, all of a sudden, it will turn into some YouTube session where we're battling off of funny videos saying, "Have you seen this one?" It's very chillaxed. He's a great songwriter and producer. He knows hits. He likes to make music that the whole world can sing but in his style. We'll be coming with ideas and he'll say, "That's cool, but what's another word for that because that's been kinda used!" He's always searching for that next level stuff. He loves this whole dance movement and this up-tempo, electro stuff. He likes to drink a lot of energy drinks too.

    —Rick Florino

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