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    Wed, 18 Feb 2015 12:43:28

    Interview: Mallory Knox -

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    Mallory Knox architects a different kind of hard rock on Asymmetry. They assemble a cinematic and catchy concoction of instantly captivating tunes. They also stand out as one of the most exciting, engaging, and enigmatic new acts.

    In this exclusive interview, Mallory Knox singer Mikey Chapman talks Asymmetry and so much more.

    Did you approach Asymmetry with one particular vision or vibe in mind?

    I think the flow comes from our dedication as a band and a unit that writes music. The theme was probably an elephant in the room for us as we were writing. It was a theme we all had in the back of our minds. That cohesion and flow came almost accidentally.

    What was that theme?

    We'd all experienced a lot of change in the year or two before we wrote Asymmetry. We were a small hometown band that got the opportunity to be more than that. Obviously, we jumped into that with both feet. We found ourselves doing things we'd never imagined we would do. We found ourselves away from home a lot with the attention from plenty of people. It made relationships at home a bit more difficult. Girlfriends we'd had for years became more distant or the relationships ended. Friendships we'd considered infinite were stretched or damaged—or they didn't happen anymore. With all of the positivity, there were a few negative things. I suppose it was those things that we wanted to write about, express, and vent in the writing process.

    The album is visual. Is it important for you to tell stories within the songs?

    That's really cool. I'm glad you said that because I like music that can become a bit more. It can create an image within your mind. It can be cinematic. A lot of music these days is just given to you and it is what it is. It's very straight up. It's like, "This is what you should dance to or sing to." You can't listen to it a number of times and put yourself in the shoes of the writer, musician, or artist. That's always something I've loved in music—when it's visual.

    What encourages that outside of music?

    Movies are a big part of our lives. We love the emotion and power you can create in a good movie, which is only second to music for me. I find it very inspiring. Books add to the vibe. With books, you get that very rare opportunity to create a world inside your own head. I don't think happens much anymore. It's a really amazing experience. With music, that's incredible to build that. We'll always give that a go even if we don't succeed.

    What are the stories behind "The Remedy" and "Dare You?"

    I suppose you picked two very interesting tracks because they're almost opposites. "Dare You" was written about the immediate period after breaking up with somebody. It's very important. I'm not talking about a two-week fling where you don't live in the same town, and there's no point. I'm talking about four or five years of a connection or bond with someone. When that comes to an end, it's like part of your life comes crashing down. It completely changes around to where you can't recognize it anymore. That person becomes a part of you. When that relationship ends, you lose a part of yourself. That's the basic premise of that song to me. With "The Remedy," if you imagine a timeline of when you break up with someone, "Dare You" would be the first hour of that timeline, and "The Remedy" would be a week or so in. You're so lost, discouraged, and disheartened about everything that you give in to your vices and the things you think would make you feel better. That's what "The Remedy" is about. You find yourself being someone you're not or you didn't expect you'd end up being—not particularly in a good way. You're reflecting on the silly little mistakes you made.

    What artists shaped you?

    The first rock record I ever got was Hybrid Theory by Linkin Park. It blew my mind. It showed me depth to music that I didn't even realize existed as a kid. It opened that wide for me. I was massively inspired by Alexisonfire—myself and the boys. That band blows my mind. There's a beautiful mix between aggression and passion. It's a mix we try to incorporate in our band for sure. Then, there's a lot of Foo Fighters. They're very inspirational in that you want to be at that stage as a band. It's another whole level. We all take from different genres. It helps with our writing. It brings dimensions you wouldn't normally get. It's really good. I wouldn't have it any other way.

    If you were to compare Asymmetry to a movie or a combination of movies, what would you compare it to?

    That's a good question! I'd say somewhere slap bang in the middle between Crash and Marley & Me. It's intense and epic, but also a bit lovey dovey and mushy too.

    Mallory Knox is on tour now!

    WED 18 FEBRUARY Fillmore Silver Spring Silver Spring, MD, US
    FRI 20 FEBRUARY The National Richmond, VA, US
    SAT 21 FEBRUARY The Fillmore Charlotte, NC, US
    SUN 22 FEBRUARY The Tabernacle Atlanta, GA, US
    TUE 24 FEBRUARY Jackie Gleason Theater, Fillmore Miami Beach Miami Beach, FL, US
    WED 25 FEBRUARY House of Blues Lake Buena Vista, FL, US
    THU 26 FEBRUARY House of Blues Lake Buena Vista, FL, US
    SAT 28 FEBRUARY Bayou Music Center Houston, TX, US
    SUN 1 MARCH South Side Ballroom Dallas, TX, US
    TUE 3 MARCH Alamo City Music Hall San Antonio, TX, US
    WED 4 MARCH Diamond Ballroom Oklahoma City, OK, US
    SAT 7 MARCH Takedown Festival 2015 Southampton, UK
    TUE 17 MARCH – SUN 22 MARCH South by Southwest 2015 Austin, TX, US
    FRI 5 JUNE – SUN 7 JUNE Rock am Ring 2015 Mendig, Germany
    FRI 5 JUNE – SUN 7 JUNE Rock im Park 2015 Nuremberg, Germany
    FRI 12 JUNE – SUN 14 JUNE Download Festival 2015 Castle Donington, UK

    Find tickets and more at MalloryKnox.com.

    Rick Florino

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