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  • Interview: Melanie Martinez Reveals 'Cry Baby' Secrets

    Tue, 30 Jun 2015 13:16:48

    Interview: Melanie Martinez Reveals 'Cry Baby' Secrets -

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    Find out her sources of inspiration and how she does that two-color hair.

    Melanie Martinez is telling tales on her upcoming album Cry Baby [August 14 on Atlantic Records], a collection of pop songs that draws inspiration from singer-songwriter folk and hip-hop, and that follows a character who learns to be okay with who she is and to be okay with being emotional.

    Martinez, a former The Voice contestant, began writing songs and playing guitar at 14, combining her love for poetry and music. She taught herself to play, since her parents couldn't afford to send her for guitar lessons, and she was influenced both by her dad's predilection for old school hip-hop and her own interest in folk songwriters like Regina Spektor and Feist.

    We grabbed some time with Martinez, and she spilled secrets about Cry Baby, a character who is part-Martinez and partly a creation.

    How much is the Cry Baby character is akin to Melanie Martinez?

    Most of the songs are situations that I have been in. But some aren't. That's the main part. The way that she has changed, or evolved, from the first song to the last song, is how I have changed as a person. Those are the biggest similarities between me and Cry Baby. Her character is like this little girl. It's not that similar, but personality-wise and how she handles things, since she is written by me, it's like what I would do in these situations.

    How have you and she evolved?

    Writing this album, I was super... I wasn't that confident as an artist. I knew what I wanted. But I was a bit more insecure for personal reasons and vulnerable, too. I was figuring myself out. By the end of the writing process, I felt a lot more comfortable with myself and a bit more confident. So did she! She is super emotional and that is how I was growing up my whole life. But the last song, 'Mad Hatter,' is her being okay with being crazy. She wouldn't have it any other way. That is who she is and cannot fight it. That's how I am at this point.

    How do you deal with being super emotional growing up? Did you just handle everything through music?

    I didn't go out that much. I didn't have a lot of friends growing up. Since I was emotional and got upset at things easily, I would try to express myself through painting or taking photos. I tried to show how I felt in a visual way. I put it out there without screaming 'This is how I feel!'

    That's not as effective.

    Right. I was expressing myself through things I liked and hobbies. Writing now is like therapy for me, since it's the only way I know how to express myself. I am bad at talking about how I feel. I can write about it.

    Watch the "Pity Party" video from Melanie Martinez:

    Melanie Martinez

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