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    Fri, 21 Aug 2015 10:41:37

    Interview: Milliyon -

    Atlanta-born rap luminary is going to light up the game with a different kind of word...

    Milliyon will make you believe. You'll not only have faith in his skills, but you'll start to think about life much more carefully and about what comes after it. The faith-based Atlanta-born and Sacramento-based rapper has got the requisite bars to turn heads, but it's his message that really blazes the brightest. It punctuates his latest single "Hands High" as well as his forthcoming album Burn. The genre's been begging for a new rhymer this adept to get the real word out to the next generation, and it's finally got one. In this exclusive interview, Milliyon talks "Hands High," Burn, and so much more.

    What's the story behind "Hands High?"

    The original name for the song was "Chicken Teriyaki." We were in the studio and had been tired from making records all day. We were hungry and wanted to get some healthy food. We picked a place that wasn't going to be too heavy for us. We were in a bit of a production rut so we decided, "Let's call this 'Chicken Teriyaki'," and we went to a spot and had it. We got back to the studio, and we felt energized. We wanted to make something that was Big Band and a real feel good song—something that people can listen to and get that family reunion, outside barbecue good feeling. So, we went in and produced "Hands High."

    From the writing aspect, I wanted to create something that was more motivational and aspirational. At the point I am in life and in my career, and following Christ, I recognize that it didn't come because of 15 years of hard work, or I am the greatest rapper; it really came because of timing. It all just came together. I had no choice but to put my hands up and be appreciative. In every aspect of my life, this is what that song is saying. It is not what I have done, but the path I decided to go down. It's to make other people realize this as well. We could be a lot of places but we aren't. We are in the U.S. and have so much going for us. We have a good time, we enjoy ourselves, and we party.

    Is it important for you that the music conveys this positivity?

    People create music and they have different things they want to highlight: drugs, cars, girls, and money. I didn't want to discuss that or to be mundane, so to speak. A lot of responses I get say that the song is a breath of fresh air. I want to feel good and have it not give a nasty aftertaste. If you go to the club and get drunk, you end up with a real bad headache to deal with. It's a bad aftertaste. I wanted to create a song that was positive.

    What's your vision for the next album as a whole?

    The next album will be no different. The album Burn is a culmination of what you have already heard. It really highlights what God has been able to do in my life. It's encouraging people to push harder, do better, and embrace Christ. You should want more for yourself and lead a positive life. That is what I encourage people to do in my music. My music is a reflection of who I am. As an artist, my job is to paint pictures for people and to deliver them a landscape that they can look to or learn from. Hopefully, it guides them on their path.

    Listen to "Hands High" from Milliyon:


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