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  • Interview: Mutoid Man's Steve Brodsky

    Fri, 21 Aug 2015 15:45:34

    Interview: Mutoid Man's Steve Brodsky -

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    • Mutoid Man - Bridgeburner

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    The band's new album 'Bleeder' is one of 2015's best.

    Mutoid Man make music that is loud, noisy, nasty and gnarly on their latest release Bleeder. One thing that's missing? Oh, just the hipster element than can come with too-cool-for-the-room metal. Steve Brodsky, formerly of Cave In, spoke to us about the band's genesis and more. Consider this the definitive scoop on Mutoid Man.

    Give our readers the lowdown on how Mutoid Man came to be?

    It was sort of just very unassuming and random how we got together and made a band out of it. Ben Koller, the drummer, and I had a relationship, musically, for about 10 years now. His band Converge and my band Cave In did a recorded collaboration together years ago. Most of it never got released, but some got released on Converge's Axe to Fall.

    Prior, Ben and I lived with Kurt [Ballou] from Converge. It was a slanty shanty. You could let a tennis ball go and it would roll to the other side. I had this resurgence where I was collecting video games and video game consoles, from the games that I was playing games in my youth. It was a mid-'20s life crisis. Ben was like a natural gamer. I would get stuck in Zelda and knock on his door. Like, 'How do I get out of the dark world here?' He'd pull out old issue of Nintendo Power and we were video game nerd buddies. That is how it started. We've been musically cross-pollinating over the years. He played drums in Cave In for about a year. We did a bunch of touring and recording.

    When we found ourselves living in New York, we figured we'd just jam out and see what happens. I moved there since I was in a long-distance relationship. I was living in Boston, dating a woman in New York, and commuting. I bit the bullet and wanted to make it more serious, so I moved to New York. Ben and his girlfriend lived in Brooklyn and we ended up sharing a rehearsal space. I moved a full stack down from Boston and it was stuck in my closet. Ben said, 'It's a travesty. Let's get that in my rehearsal space.' I had nowhere else to put the stack. I had thought, 'If it falls through the floorboards and crushes someone... I'm in trouble.' So then we started jamming.

    Are you still in New York?

    I still live in New York but Boston is still my home.

    I love Bleeder is riffy and noisy, but it lacks the hipster element that similar-sounding bands might have. Was that at all purposeful or did it just... happen?

    It's hard to say. We definitely go about crafting the songs as well as we can so that there is a little bit of all elements under the umbrella of rock 'n' roll in there. One of the covers we love to do is Little Richard song. It's a drumbeat that Led Zeppelin stole. Anyone who has an interest or an ear for rock music, if they have the patience to sit with Mutoid Man, which doesn't take that much patience, since Bleeder is still under a half-hour long... as long as you can roll with it, you will hear something that is a nod to punk or hardcore or classic rock or old-timey rock. We succeed at that. We are a well-rounded band. We throw out nods to rock 'n' roll.

    Besides, do hipsters really listen to rock 'n' roll anymore?

    Watch the video for "Bridgeburner" (Live from GodCity Studio) from Mutoid Man:

    Mutoid Man

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