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    Wed, 29 Aug 2007 13:22:41

    Interview: Notorious MSG - The new goofball Asian rap group on ghettos, ancient dance moves and heavy metal

    After fleeing lowly lives as cooks in different Asian ghettos, the members of The Notorious MSG met up in New York City to break into the rap scene and educate the public on the dangers of the Chinatown hood and food delivery service. Well, that's how the story goes anyway. As you might guess from their name, The Notorious MSG are the hip-hop equivalent of a mockumentary. But the threesome are starting to carve out a name for themselves with their goofball mix of gangsta flows, Chinese food puns and heavy metal riffs—recently landing a spot on the Van's Warped Tour.

    Admirably, the members' dedication to their made-up personas is unflagging: when we caught up with the "Chinatown Hustlers" for an interview, they didn't slip out of character once. Though we weren’t able to uncover their highly confidential true identities, we did manage to get the lowdown on The Notorious MSG's past and future, along with the source of their mind-blowing dance moves.

    Could you guys give us a little rundown, introduce yourselves and explain your roles in The Notorious MSG?

    Hong Kong Fever: My name is Hong Kong Fever, King Pin. Ring leader of this bitch.

    Down Lo-Mein: And I'm Down Lo-Mein, Yellow Gigolo.

    Hunan Bomb: The Hunan Bomb, I'm the Killing Machine.

    Can you give us a recap of the lore that surrounds you guys? You are all from different Chinatown ghettos right?

    Hong Kong Fever: Different ghettos of Asia OK? We come here back in the early '90s, to New York City. I'm from Taiwan.

    Down Lo-Mein: I'm from Hong Kong.

    Hunan Bomb: South of Korea, Hunan Bomb's from Korea.

    Hong Kong Fever: You don't have to say your name again.

    Hunan Bomb: Hunan Bomb. Hunan Bomb.

    So what inspired the trip over to the western hemisphere?

    Hong Kong Fever: Well, we were looking to escape our life in the ghettos. Ya know? To try, maybe immigrate and come over to America for more opportunity, a better life.

    At all for the music scene?

    Hong Kong Fever: Well, actually the bitches.

    Down Lo-Mein: We needed a couple more flavors, bitches wise.

    Hong Kong Fever: Not enough on the menu over there.

    The Notorious MSG has been through some line-up changes, how long ago was it that Hunan Bomb moved up to the mic?

    Hunan Bomb: It's been like one-year now right? Something like that.

    Hong Kong Fever: A little over a year, he used to be the drummer when we first start and then he step up behind the mic because he was having difficulties getting his mac on as the drummer.

    Hunan Bomb: Right, right, I want to be in the spotlight, ya know?

    And what's the story behind your former member Funky Buddah? What happened to him?

    Hong Kong Fever: It's unfortunate, he met a fate that is not so uncommon with our delivery food brothers. He got jacked and unfortunately they…

    Down Lo-Mein: They succeeded. Ya know? They took him out.

    Hong Kong Fever: They took him out, yes, and seriously it's a problem that many delivery food workers face when making deliveries. People see them as victims and people rob them and beat them, ya know? Our brothas are getting killed out there.

    Down Lo-Mein: War on the streets.

    Hong Kong Fever: It's on the front lines ya know? People don't know. But that's why we're here, to give our brothers a voice.

    So you guys trying to educate the public on the dangers of the delivery game?

    Hong Kong Fever: That's part of it. I mean there's a lot of dangers, the struggles of the Chinatown life. We have our story to tell. People don't know what goes on on the streets of Chinatown after dark. After the kitchen closes there is a whole life. Getting our mac on, fucking the bitches, packing the heat.

    It sounds tough. I recently saw a few episodes of MSG idol, were you guys trying to induct a new member into this underground world.

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