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  • Interview: Official Hot Mess — "Hannah Montana stole Spiderman's thunder…"

    Mon, 28 Jun 2010 09:46:39

    Interview: Official Hot Mess — "Hannah Montana stole Spiderman's thunder…" - Official Hot Mess talk to ARTISTdirect.com editor and <i>Dolor</i> author Rick Florino in this exclusive interview about jamming at the Playboy Mansion, <i>Harry Potter Land</i> and how Miley Cyrus bites Spiderman's style

    Official Hot Mess might just have the last laugh when all is said and done.

    The Florida duo of Lindsey and Kristy infuse a wily wit into pop rock anthems like their latest single, "Welcome 2 LA." The track snaps from a sunny melody into a sharply smart refrain that's as catchy as it as calculated. A sly double entendre can sneak into a danceable groove, and that makes Official Hot Mess officially deeper than most of their peers in the pop landscape. Think The Bengals or Blondie with a little dose of Sarah Silverman-style sarcasm and you've got Official Hot Mess.

    Plus, the video for "Welcome 2 LA" has Flavor Flav, and he just makes everything cooler.

    Official Hot Mess—Kristy and Lindsey—sat down with ARTISTdirect.com editor and Dolor author Rick Florino for an exclusive interview about their sound, kicking it at The Playboy Mansion, Harry Potter Land and why Miley Cyrus is like Spiderman.

    Is humor important to your sound?

    Kristy: I think a lot of people are surprised by the fact that we're more than just typical blonde bimbos. We actually have a sense of musical ability and we incorporate our personalities and sarcastic sense of humor into that.

    Lindsey: The sarcasm and a little bit of humor intrinsically comes with Official Hot Mess. Look at our name [Laughs].

    That will draw people to the songs.

    Kristy: Our music shows our take on the industry. Everybody's so serious and cynical right now. They're constantly trying to bring you down. If you want to make it, you might as well go out there and be yourself because there's no point in trying to be someone you're not.

    Lindsey: A definite element of our music is a poppy fun feel that everyone can relate to. A lot of our songs are party songs that are great to let loose too. It's just fun.

    What's the story behind "Welcome 2 LA?"

    Kristy: The major inspiration for "Welcome 2 LA" derives from the fact that we come from a small beach town in Florida. It's such a culture shock coming to L.A. and seeing all of the crazy things that are happening.

    Lindsey: We get booked to play at the Playboy Mansion, and we're from this sleepy beach town in Florida [Laughs]. When you get to the Playboy Mansion, everybody's naked and they all have big fake boobs and you're like, "What the heck is going on?"

    When did you play the Playboy Mansion?

    Lindsey: We've played a couple times! We played at Halloween, Super Bowl Sunday and Stars and Stripes.

    Kristy: I think it's really funny because everybody always says if you're nervous during a show to picture the audience naked. Well, you can't really do that there because everyone actually is naked [Laughs]. What are you supposed to picture them with their clothes on?

    Did you meet a bunch of crazy celebrities after playing?

    Kristy: It was really fun for us! We made friends with Verne Troyer, and Hugh Hefner is a really good friend of ours. He's been so supportive of our music, and we've been really luck for that.

    Lindsey: The first time we played there, we met Adrienne Curry who ended up guest-starring in our video "Welcome 2 LA."

    Kristy: She heard us play the song, and she was really into it. She loved the sarcastic flavor to it, and she wanted to be in the video so she smoked weed and played Guitar Hero [Laughs].

    How'd you get Flavor Flav in the video?

    Kristy: He was at another charity event we played at. We made him friends with him there, talked to him about the video and played him the song. He was really into the idea of setting a big house party at his L.A. mansion.

    Lindsey: Flav's party!

    Kristy: That was it!

    So that was his house?

    Kristy: No, but it'd be cool if it was [Laughs].

    There weren't enough clocks.

    Lindsey: Very true.

    Does that clock around his neck have the right time on it?

    Lindsey: Absolutely! [Laughs] You've got to see his keychain though…

    Kristy: He's got like 500 keys on it. I don't know what they go to!

    Lindsey: He's one of the nicest people I've ever met.

    Kristy: He's also very deep. It was awesome. He's genuinely a kind-hearted person. It's nice when you find the rare people like that in this town.

    What's up with "Crashing Down?"

    Kristy: That's one of my favorite songs. It actually got a really good placement in MTV's Whitney On The City. It's like the perfect break-up song, it's so depressing but it fits so well in the show.

    If your album were a movie, what would it be?

    Kristy: I'd say Charlie and the Chocolate Factory meets Legally Blonde.

    Lindsey: Sex and the City!

    Kristy: Sex and the City, no way! It's got the fun, sweet side from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and all of the cool exciting noises and pretty things to look at. Then you've got the blondes who actually turn out to be smart like Legally Blonde in the end. I was going to say Harry Potter, but I couldn't think of anything to tie in [Laughs].

    Well Official Hot Mess is magical, and Harry Potter is too.

    Kristy: Exactly! We went to Harry Potter Land last week.

    How was it?

    Kristy: Epic!

    Lindsey: Unbelievable!

    Kristy: We went before it opened. It was pretty awesome! Hogwart's is fully there. You can ride virtual broomsticks. It's 3-D and all of these crazy things jump out at you! We're huge nerds so comic books and Harry Potter are awesome!

    What are some of your favorite comic books?

    Kristy: Spiderman—he's just the best hero because you don't expect it.

    Lindsey: He's just a regular person who gets superpowers.

    Kristy: If you think about it, Hannah Montana completely stole Spiderman's thunder. He's the normal guy who turns out to be super.

    What's so super about Hannah Montana?

    Kristy: She's a normal girl, but she puts on her wig and then she's a superstar. She ripped off Spiderman [Laughs].

    Lindsey: That darn Miley Cyrus…

    —Rick Florino

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