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    Mon, 03 Aug 2015 15:53:19

    Interview: Phoebe Ryan -

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    Los Angeles pop songstress that you'll want to make "yours" with 'Mine.'

    Phoebe Ryan took Miguel's "Do You..." and R. Kelly's "Ignition" and melded them into an entrancing pop hybrid that made waves on the internet. You probably heard it! However, the Los Angeles singer and songwriter takes pop to new heights on her Columbia Records EP, Mine. She brings a dreamy elegance to the genre, yielding something that stays with you in the best way possible. She adds a new dimension to pop. In this exclusive interview, she talks Mine, music, and so much more.

    Did you approach Mine with one distinct vision in mind?

    Being a songwriter and having time to focus on my own artist project, I really feel like I got a special vibe for the month I was writing all of these songs as a collection. It was a certain time in my life where the themes where all interconnected. As it happens naturally in life, I was going through the stories. That's how it feels connected together.

    So you were living those stories at the time, and that's why the songs connect?

    Yeah, definitely!

    What was the actual creative process like? Were you pulling from a lot of different influences, or was there a clear goal in the studio?

    We had this idea in our heads. My producer Kyle [Shearer] and I had somewhat of a sound and vision we were aiming for. When the time came to actually get in the studio and begin the process, we just followed wherever the inspiration took us. It was a really exciting process to see how everything unfolded. The music came out really special.

    What's the story behind "Mine"?

    It's also a very important song to me. It's about recognizing all of your accomplishments. Everything you're going through in life is your experience, and it's something special. You're owning up to your flaws and owning up to your strengths. I feel like writing that song inspired me. Hopefully, when other people hear it, that comes across. It's accepting yourself one-hundred percent for who you are no matter what you've been through.

    Where did "Dead" come from?

    That's also a really special one. I always have these moments. Especially lately, everything has been feeling like such a dream. I'm always like, "Alright, when am I going to wake up and all of this wonderfulness is going to be over?" Life is so good right now. It's taking a moment and being a little confused about it asking, "Do I actually deserve all of these amazing things that are happening to me?" That's the vibe. There are times in your life where you feel like you don't deserve all of the blessings you have. "Dead" explores that idea.

    Watch the music video for "Mine" from Phoebe Ryan:

    Phoebe Ryan

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