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    Tue, 07 Jul 2015 13:11:49

    Interview: Prince Royce -

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    The Latin superstar reveals what J. Lo is really like and how he approached his first English Language album.

    Prince Royce is about to drop his first English language album Double Vision [July 24, RCA Records/Sony Music Latin]. It's a big deal for the singer, who oozes swagger from every pore. He recruited fellow Latin dynamos Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull for the soon-to-be-smash "Back It Up" and revealed what it was like to work with superstars and discussed how he switched it up from Spanish to English, repping the new generation of Hispanics.

    Why was now the time for your first-ever English language album? Is it because you pretty much own the Latin world and it was time for something new?

    Well, it is has been brewing for a long time. I was born and raised in New York. I always felt that eventually wanted to release an English language record. I worked on it for three years. It was a long creative process. What kind of sound, what kind of swag did I want to come out with. Since my first Spanish language album, it's been on my mind.

    Did you have to approach this differently? With the melodies and such? Or was it the same?

    You know, it is the same concept, but it was different, I have to say. In Spanish, it is a different kind of swag than in English. There are things you would not say the same way in English. Things you do in English you don't say in Spanish. So I had to come in from another perspective.

    How did you adjust?

    It was organic. It wasn't forced. I grew up with pop, R&B and Latin music. For me, it was cool. I have been recording in Spanish so much for three or four years so I forgot what I sounded like in English. Now,I like the way I sound. It was fun hearing myself, vocally. 'This is what I sound like.'

    Okay, spill it. What was it like working with J. Lo and Pitbull? Was it all email or did you ever get near each other? "Back It Up" is the jam.

    We did it at her studio. We got to kick it. She is a huge star, but she is so down to earth. For sure. Pitbull was in China when I sent him the song. I texted him and was like, 'Dude, check this out. I want you to jump on.' I sent it to him and he texted me at 4AM that night, talking about 'What's up, dude! I finished the song.' That is cool, right? It is in English, but it has the Latin feel to it. We had a lot of fun at the video shoot.

    You'd think she'd be so diva!

    She is down to earth, family-oriented! After 10 hours, I would have left. But she was there. Her work ethic. She does it with a passion and adds heart to it. She added heart to the video and everything she did.

    Watch the video for "Back It Up" from Prince Royce ft. Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull:

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