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  • Interview: Rob Reiner and Madeline Carroll talk "Flipped," Lady Gaga and The Everly Brothers

    Mon, 02 Aug 2010 06:48:03

    Interview: Rob Reiner and Madeline Carroll talk "Flipped," Lady Gaga and The Everly Brothers - <i>Flipped</i> director Rob Reiner and star Madeline Carroll speak to ARTISTdirect.com editor and <i>Dolor</i> author Rick Florino in this exclusive interview about the movie, Lady Gaga, The Everly Brothers and so much more…

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    There's something deeply poetic about Flipped.

    Rob Reiner's coming-of-age tale is often heartfelt and hilarious, but it's mostly very real. That's partly a product of Madeline Carroll's performance as Juli Baker. She displays a conviction, honesty and vibrancy that many actors strive to attain over the course of their whole careers—and she does it at 14-years-old! Adapted from Wendelin Van Draanen's acclaimed novel of the same name, Flipped tells the story of Juli Baker and Bryce Loski (Callan McAuliffe). Juli couldn't be more in love with Bryce from the time she first sees him in second grade, but he doesn't necessarily feel the same. The movie gives viewers both of their perspectives, while examining the environment around them. Bryce is a bit tepid about everything, but Juli's willing to lay down her life for a tree in the neighborhood, so their distinct differences make for quite the dual narrative.

    The film's got it all—drama, laughs and some great tunes. There's really no way not to flip for Flipped!

    Flipped star Madeline Carroll and director Rob Reiner sat down with ARTISTdirect.com editor and Dolor author Rick Florino for an exclusive interview about the movie. They discuss the importance of being yourself, the film's standout music, playlists and so much more.

    Check out the video below and don't miss Flipped when it hits theaters on August 6th (limited) and wide on August 27th. You really don't want to miss it!

    Is Flipped more about how important it is to be yourself than anything else?

    Rob Reiner: I think it is! You have this boy Bryce who is really floundering. When you go through that period of time—twelve going on thirteen—it's very confusing. You don't know who you are, and you don't know what's going on. It's so important to have the influences of a good mentor or guide. It's usually mom and dad, but in this case the dad is so angry at the world. Bryce is very lucky to have a grandfather that comes into his life at that point who basically teaches him about who he is and the kind of person he can be. Juli is very lucky because she has a family that gives her the right values. She has a very strong understanding of who she is. She's not confused about who she is. She knows who she is, and she knows what she wants. We see this one family that gives these great values, and this other family where the kid has to find out who he is.

    Madeline, did you listen to music to get into character at all?

    Madeline Carroll: Typically I listen to a lot of music from nowadays. I didn't really listen to any music until I had the fitting. When I had the fitting, we kept playing all that music, and it was so much fun to hear all the different songs and sounds. The music back then was awesome but so different from today.

    Who are some of your favorite artists?

    Rob Reiner: I'm a big fan of The Everly Brothers. I love the harmonies they have. There are three Everly Brothers' songs in the film. Two of them are my favorites—"Devoted to You" and "Let it Be Me."

    Madeline Carroll: I really liked the ending song—"Let It Be Me." I also like Lady Gaga.

    Rob Reiner: I like Lady Gaga too!

    What does the scene where Juli's clutching the tree mean to you?

    Rob Reiner: That was an incredibly emotional scene. Madeline's an extraordinary actress. You can see it throughout the film. If you look at that scene, we did it a number of times, and every time was the way you see it in the film. It's not about saving the environment for this girl because that consciousness wasn't around in those days. Juli loves the beauty of this tree. It's something she's gotten a lot of pleasure out of from the time she was little.

    Madeline Carroll: She's grown up with it.

    Rob Reiner: She just doesn't want to see it cut down. It's a very powerful and important part of the movie.

    Madeline Carroll: It's also a big turning point for her to view Bryce in a different way. For some reason—because she liked him so much even though he hasn't done anything to show that he liked her—she automatically thought he was going to come up and help her, but it's really sad that he doesn't.

    Do any songs come to mind when you think of Flipped?

    Rob Reiner: "Let It Be Me" is the song I think about. It's the last song of the film, and it really is the message of the movie.

    Madeline Carroll: "Stand By Me" [Laughs].

    —Rick Florino

    Will you be seeing Flipped? Did you read the book?

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