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    Thu, 16 Oct 2014 06:48:14

    Interview: Run River North - By ARTISTdirect.com editor in chief Rick Florino...

    Run River North built an artfully alternative and eloquently ethereal debut with their self-titled album for Nettwerk. The group merges folk and rock into a collection of unforgettable and undeniable songs that instantly transfix. Given the power of their music, it was natural for them to partner with one of the world's premier wireless speaker brands Phorus: Wireless Audio. In fact, the world gets its first look at the company's new Phorus PR5 speaker in the music video for "Monsters Calling Home", which debuted today.

    The Phorus PR5 is the best way to stream high-quality music with lossless accuracy wirelessly and can be controlled via Android, Kindle, and iOS. Plus, it works seamlessly with all your favorite Internet Radio services. Get one and crank Run River North on it.

    In this exclusive interview with ARTISTdirect.com editor in chief Rick Florino, Alex Hwang of Run River North talks the group's debut, the music video, Phorus, and so much more.

    Watch the Video Below

    Did you approach the album with one particular theme or vision in mind?

    Not necessarily when we were recording, but definitely when we were coming up with the songs, our set, and what we wanted to portray with the record…It was a lot of songs that we felt personally connected to as well as things we didn't mind singing over and over again. After we recorded the songs, we gave a lot of attention to where they went and how they flowed within the album. In terms of themes, they're just things we're going through as a bunch of 20-somethings.

    Did a lot of recording happen in the moment?

    We definitely had a lot of the songs fleshed out before we went to record up in Seattle. We did only have about 22 days to record. It definitely was a snapshot of where the songs were at that time. Since then, a lot of the songs have grown. We recorded what we had and experienced up to that point and put that into the album.

    What's the story behind "Monsters Calling Home"?

    It comes from a lot of different places. Lyrically, it's about realizing you're not that different from your parents as you grow up. You relate to them with age, yet there's a struggle. In terms of the melody and feel of it, it just came out of when I was stuck in L.A. traffic on the 405. I'd just get really angry, and some of the emotions come out of that. From there, you add those things together, and you get a very emotional song about who are parents grew up to be and who we are as well given our circumstances.

    Where did the video idea come from and how did you partner with Phorus Speakers?

    It sounded great to partner with Phorus. They had come out to our shows before and after, and there was a great connection. We had so much footage from all of our performances and who we are as a band on the road and at different shows. This felt like a fantastic way to show ourselves. It's a trip down memory lane of where we've come from and who we are.


    Did you dig working with Phorus?

    Phorus was great. They were really enthusiastic about us as a band, and we wanted to make a creative project. It wasn't about selling a product with product placement as much as it was about integrating a product into a band's life and capturing a natural moment. You're not just hocking a project. It works with who we are. It's pretty natural. We felt like we got to work with fans of our music. It's a product that we like too. We love the fact that they're about high quality sound and bringing back at home entertainment system that's for music. It's really simple. We love how it's about the sound!

    What artists shaped you?
    B Well, what I bring to the table is completely different from the rest of the band. Myself, it's split between singer-songwriters like Jenny Lewis, First Aid Kit, and Lucius. I also listen to a lot of soul like D'Angelo and Al Green.

    If you were to compare your new album to a movie or a combination of movies, what would it be?

    That's a tough question! There are a bunch of movies I really like. Are there any movies in the water? Maybe The River Wild or Waterworld with Kevin Costner? [Laughs] No. I can't come up with a good one. Maybe, randomly Huckleberry Finn. I'll take that one. Actually, I'll go with Moonrise Kingdom!

    Rick Florino

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