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    Thu, 16 Apr 2009 09:20:08

    Interview: Saliva - Saliva drummer Paul Crosby talks Sno Core® and much more in this exclusive interview

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    Saliva drummer Paul Crosby carved some time out of his day in between two back-to-back tours to chat with ARTISTdirect.com about his band’s participating in this year’s Sno Core® tour. Big deal, right? That’s what bands do. They go on tour, they play shows and they do interviews to support their current activities and products, so to speak. It’s a decent job and somebody has to do it. Well, it’s not that simple and we can cut Saliva some slack, since the band has been touring incessantly since the December 2008 release of their fifth album, Cinco Diablo. These aggrophiles are barely stopping to take a break or a breather.

    We spoke to Crosby during the incredibly brief window between two tours, and he was gracious. It must be that “American by birth, Southern by the grace of God” adage that is always applicable to the polite, friendly Southerners. Sno Core® features Static-X, Burn Halo and The Flood and runs for two months.

    This is the first Sno Core® tour in a few years. What’s the first thing that pops into your head?

    This is the first one we've done. I do remember that tour, and it went away for a bit. And the first gig this year is in Albuquerque.

    Funny that it’s called “sno” yet it kicks off in a hot zone. So, what’s key in the Saliva universe right now that makes you want to go out and be a part of the Sno Core® tour to promote the hell out of it?

    We’re on the second single from our new album, and it's called “How Could You.” We're relentlessly touring, and we're never going home. I had today until Monday off, but we will be staying on the road the rest of the year and spreading the word about our new album.

    Being on the road all year has to be taxing on your personal life. How do you and your family cope with the long absences?

    Well, I have a family and kids, so when I am on tour, they try and stay as busy as possible. I am always busy playing shows, so it makes the time go by. It’s harder for them since I am gone.

    This is Saliva’s fifth major label album, after one indie album. Can you place this album in the context of the band’s career?

    I have been in the band the entire time, from all the major label releases. To me, this is like the other records, but it’s heavier for one. We went in a heavier direction and we are more mature now that we have all these years of experience behind us and stuff. We’ve been able to figure it out.

    Being from Memphis, would you call your band “Southern Rock?” Previous Saliva albums have the groove, some hip-hop elements and lots of aggression. But there’s not an obvious Southernness!

    Yeah, I would do that, call us “Southern rock.” That, plus other labels. It's a big pot of stew of different genres. We have southern rock roots because we are from Memphis. Me and [vocalist] Josey [Scott] have influences from country and we're a rock band, and it inspires us, but it doesn't always come out in the music, if that makes any sense?

    Makes total sense. I guess it’s safe to say you are Elvis fans?

    We are Elvis fans, yes. You have to be if you are from Memphis!

    True. What would you say is your number one favorite thing about touring?

    The biggest thing for me is being on stage, doing what we do and want to do and love to do and getting paid for it. Meeting new people and partying is also fun. It’s like being on vacation and getting paid for it.

    What’s your favorite recent tour and why?

    We did two months with Pop Evil and that was the most memorable in the past few years. We clicked really good and became good friends. It was more like a family vibe than a tour!

    — Amy Sciarretto

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