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    Thu, 03 Apr 2008 16:59:42

    Interview: Sheek Louch - He's got the money, he's earned the power, now it's time to solidify the respect

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    As one-third of the LOX, Sheek Louch helped usher in in a new guard of NYC rap, alongside Styles P and Jadakiss. Back when Bad Boy Records was first exploding into the entertainment behemoth it was destined to become, the three stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Biggie and Puff (Diddy for you youngins), helping to draw the blueprint for transforming a label into a movement.

    After splitting with the label, the crew went on the form D-Block and continued stacking up respect in the street through a series of mixtapes and razor sharp guest appearances. As the gruffest member of the crew, Sheek honed a strong arm flow matched with brute lyricism. They say, "The hardest dudes come from Yonkers," and he serves as a prime example of the neighborhood's gutter cred. Now, with the release of his third solo album, Silverback Gorrila, he's aiming to prove that he can hold it down in any style, from conscious concepts to street anthems and everything in between. We caught up with the industry vet to talk the never-ending cycle of beef, indie label hustling and, of course, gettin' money.

    You used to be The Wolf. Why’d you call this album Silverback Gorilla?

    I called my album that as a metaphor—not on some monkey shit. People say, "It’s a jungle out there," a concrete jungle, and I believe it is. So if it is that—and I’m one of the fiercest motherfuckers in this game—then I’m like a silverback gorrilla. If you watch nature shows, you see him sitting there, not bothering anybody, kids jumping all over him. But if you mess with him, watch what he brings forth.

    What can fans expect from you musically on the album?

    My first project, Walk Witt Me, people were looking at me, trying to see what I was made of. Then I dropped it, and people said it was hot. Then I came out with After Taxes, and “Kiss Your Ass Goodbye.” Again, it was hot, but I still felt like I was proving myself. Now with this album people aren’t saying, “Sheek you’re getting better,” they’re saying, “Sheek you nasty with it. You’re a monster.” As far as features and guest appearances, I’m killing those too. Doesn’t matter who’s on the track with me. I bring that swagger to the new album—showing nothing but growth.

    Who did you tap to for collabos this time around?

    As far as production, I got Red Spider, my man Divine, Vinny Idol—I love that dude, he’s our in-house producer—and Dame Grease. I took it that way, because I didn’t want the same things you're already hearing out there. If you come at me tomorrow with a track and it’s hot, I’m buying that shit off you. I don’t care that your name is not Timbaland. As for rappers, I’ve got Dipset—cause in this industry they either want you to beef with each other, or do something together, so I decided we should o something together. Realistically, when you think of rap in N.Y., you think of Dipset, you think of G-Unit, you think of D-Block. Plus, I’ve got Fat Joe, The Game and Bun B.

    It’s interesting the way you mentioned how everybody wants a Timbaland beat right now, but they neglect the fact that there’s production talent in the hood.

    There's a whole lot of talent. Look at the 50 Cent song “I Get Money.” That was a homie with no name, but he had that fire. That goes for everything. There’s more Michael Jordans out there, believe that. It’s talent out there everywhere, you just have to open your eyes and see it.

    I feel like that’s part of the reason that fans can connect with D-Block. Even though you’re all eating well, and on TV, you still have love for the streets, and stay where it’s happening.

    100%. If you speak to me a few months from now, you’ll still be talking to the same dude. When we meet each other, you’ll be like, “That’s exactly who I thought he was over the phone.” It’s too much bullshit in the industry, and I don’t have time for that.

    Talking about bullshit, what’s up with the J-Hood situation?

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