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  • Interview: T. Mills at the L'Homme de Maison Launch

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014 11:04:08

    Interview: T. Mills at the L'Homme de Maison Launch - By ARTISTdirect.com editor in chief Rick Florino…

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    T. Mills made a stunner of an EP with this year’s All I Wanna Do. However, he’s going to up the ante with his new full-length album in 2015. He’s evolved as a songwriter, rapper, and singer, and he’s painting his masterpiece now. He remains one of hip-hop’s most progressive and unique artists, constantly pushing boundaries every chance he gets. You can’t mess with him…

    Rocking L’Homme de Maison shoes at the launch event, T. Mills spoke to ARTISTdirect.com editor in chief Rick Florino about the shoes, what’s next for him, and so much more.

    You dig the kicks?

    Dude, I love them! They go with everything. I’m a sneaker head. My favorite Jordans are the ones that just go with everything. I recently copped them. I can wear them every day. I just got the Wheat Air Force Ones. They’re the Wheat Collection. They’re fucking crazy. I just love shoes. I really like the L’Homme de Maison shoes. I want them in red!

    What’s coming up next for you musically? Your storytelling and songwriting have evolved so much.

    I feel like I’m doing the same thing with the album right now. I’m working with Dr. Luke. He’s executive producing the record so he has six songs on there. It’s crazy because my manager Adam Mersel actually started a management company with Dr. Luke called Kemosabe Management this year. I’m the first artist signed to their management company. It’s cool to have someone like Luke in the corner. My homie Cash is a dope writer. We worked on 95 percent of the album together. I’ve got Travis Barker on it. I’ve been on the road for six months. It should be done in January.

    Does it pick up where the All I Wanna Do EP left off?

    It’s different. I’m trying to redefine my own genre. I feel like there’s no one in my lane right now. The album is carving out my fucking lane in the industry. I can sing. I can rap. I have a knack for fucking huge melodies and big songs. Now, I have the right people in my corner to achieve all that success. Luke’s track record is insane. To have your number one producer on your goals list actually working with you is an incredible feeling. I feel like it all comes out in the songs.

    Are you developing the storytelling more a la what you did with “Riverside Girl”?

    Definitely! I’ve got a song on the album called “Best Drug Ever”. It’s a mid-tempo song. I’m singing and rapping on it. It pretty much tells the story of me and this girl when I was 18 doing fucking drugs, smoking cigarettes, and not being really fucking sure about what I was doing with my life. I feel like the songwriting keeps getting better. I’m growing as a human, an artist, and a writer.

    What else is inspiring that?

    I feel like it’s everything I’ve been investing in myself. I do these things called “Morning Pages”. Every morning, I’ll write three fucking pages of whatever comes in my head. It opens the door for inspiration. Going on tour is always inspiring. You get to play new songs and shit that’s not out yet and see if people fuck with it and their reactions. That’s one thing I’ve been stoked about. Touring has been incredible. Hopefully, I’ll be on the road for nine months next year.

    What are you most looking forward to?

    Finishing up the album! I’m doing a Christmas show with a toy drive. I do it every year. We donate all the toys to the women and children’s shelters in my hometown of Riverside.

    Rick Florino

    Have you checked out L’Homme de Maison?

    Photo Credit: David Levin

    See our interview with T. Mills about All I Wanna Do here!

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