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    Fri, 07 Nov 2008 11:24:26

    Interview: The Cool Kids - If I could be like Mike. I wanna be, wanna be like Mike.

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    • The Cool Kids - PARK CITY, UT - JANUARY 21:  Cool Kids perform at 'SPIN Sessions' presented by Bing at the Bing Bar on January 21, 2012 in Park City, Utah.
    • The Cool Kids - CHICAGO - OCTOBER 19: The Cool Kids' Chuck Inglish attends the AXE Music One Night Only Concert at Metro on October 19, 2010 in Chicago, Illinois.
    • The Cool Kids - CHICAGO - OCTOBER 19: The Cool Kids' Chuck Inglish attends the AXE Music One Night Only Concert at Metro on October 19, 2010 in Chicago, Illinois.

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    • Travis Barker - Jump Down ft. The Cool Kids
    • Travis Barker - Jump Down [Red/Blue 3D] ft. The Cool Kids

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    Further solidifying their place as leaders of the cyber new school, Internet rap sensations The Cool Kids are hacking deeper into the machine through a partnership with video game developer 2K. Providing the theme for NBA 2K9 with their track "2K Pennies," the duo were also tapped to co-headline the 2K9 Bounce Tour alongside legendary MC Q-Tip.

    With their music spreading across the net faster than a 1000 seed torrent, they're putting the finishing touches on their proper debut, When Fish Ride Bicycles. Sure to feature their signature brand of overweight bass and skeletal snares tied to some suave lyrical interplay, it's one of the most highly anticipated indie hop releases on tap. As they got set to hit the road, we caught up with group member Mikey Rocks to talk about their recent developments. He told us all about his gamer upbringing, The Cool Kids place in the rap game and having his popularity cake while eating it too.

    I'm a 2K man over NBA Live all day. How did you all get hooked up in making the cut for the game?

    Somebody had a pretty good ear and said "Cool Kids." They got in contact with us. We cooked up something nice for them and they liked it.

    When you went in to conceptualize it and to put it down, how was the process different when you're doing something for a game than when you're doing it for yourself.

    We do it the same. We don't make subject specific songs

    That totally makes sense. The track itself was a fresh cut—no 2K shout outs throughout it or anything.

    That's just a song we were going to make anyway. So we just gave it to them to use. It's our new single too.

    You're going out on the 2K Bounce Tour. That’s not going to push the record back anymore is it?

    It ain't done, but we're getting there.

    Cool. You've been bubbling for a long time. Stuff like this is only helping you become more established. I know you've been doing music together since '05, but your rise has been pretty fast. How's it been going from doing your own thing in your bedroom to being on stage with Q-Tip and hearing your names on video games?

    It's kind of the best of both worlds. We've been lucky enough to share the stage with Q-Tip and be out touring. But we can still go back to the crib and make songs in the studio and hang out with our friends. My lifestyle hasn't really changed. I pretty much do all the same things. Attention is being put on us, and we've got some people who are really into our stuff, so it's the best of both worlds. I get to do that side of it, and I still get to do all the things I was doing anyway.

    You were talking about doing all the stuff that you used to do in the cut on your own. Were you a gamer coming up?

    Man, I've been a huge video gamer since I was born. I had an NES when I was little at home. My older brother used to give me the second controller and let me think I was playing, but I wasn't really. I've been messing around with video games my whole life. I think they were the source of my imagination and creativity man. I don't really feel constricted to reality. I can go into my head and create stuff that ain't even real. It's pretty good to have that other road you can go into man.

    Since you're a real gamer, I was going to ask you: Jordan vs. Bird: One on One or Double Dribble?

    Double Dribble, man. They had the funny dude on there. That dude, he's the man. Double Dribble for the comedy of it.

    That's the correct answer; you passed on that one. You make music with futuristic old school beats. Can you think of any game off the top of your head that had an 8-bit soundtrack that was really memorable to you?

    Double Dragon was dope. And the first Mario Bros when you go underground through the pipe and it makes that "doodoo doodoo doodoo." I used to go underground just to hear that sound.

    I once heard Danny the Wildchild beat juggle that out and it is still one of the freshest things I've ever seen a DJ do in real life. Both of you are dope on the mic, but who's the better gamer?

    I'd have to say me man. I've been doing it pretty hardcore for a while.

    Since this was an NBA game, if you had to pick a baller to compare your rhyme style to, who would it be?

    That's a good question. I might just go with Mike [Jordan]. Not just cause he's the best, but because I know the kind of mind frame he was in when he was the man. I see a lot of similarities to him in that.

    Mike always went hard, that's for sure. The upcoming Bounce Tour teams you up with Q-Tip. Have you gotten to chill or rehearse with him?

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