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    Wed, 06 May 2015 17:21:15

    Interview: The Go! Team -

    The Go! Team Photos

    • The Go! Team - Ninja and co. rock the crowd at their T-Mobile Transmission performance.
    • The Go! Team - Ninja and co. rock the crowd at their T-Mobile Transmission performance.
    • The Go! Team - Ninja and co. rock the crowd at their T-Mobile Transmission performance.

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    Ian Parton's wonderfully maddening indie outfit returns with The Scene Between's swooning melodies and cinematic scope…

    The Go! Team are back with The Scene Between [Memphis Industries. The follow-up to 2011's Rolling Blackouts sees the UK alternative-indie-electro mavericks serve up another dose of jarringly danceable anthems punctuated by ambient textures and sputtering hooks. Teasing their return in late 2014, they've emerged like a horror film, attacking when you least expect it with a good ole jump. Frontman and mastermind Ian Parton opened up about The Scene Between in this exclusive interview.

    Did you approach The Scene Between with a particular thematic or sonic goal? It definitely feels like your most cohesive work thus far.

    I agree it feels more coherent than other records in the past. The album has a song- and melody-driven approach. I think there is a particular feel that flows through these songs. It was almost "sun-damaged," and the colors of pink and orange come to mind. What that feel is may vary from person to person though.

    What do you mean by sun-damaged?

    It's a psychological thing, really. I've always been obsessed with things being wobbly and distorted. I like to get something that could be too cute in the wrong hands and then f*** it up. I think that even that even though I am an English bloke I buy into the whole Californian mess—I suppose. In my mind, there are lots of things inspiring that like an abandoned theme park or a show on telekinesis. There are all of these weird little lessons.

    The album tends to paint pictures that are very evocative.

    I think that's another hallmark of The Go! Team The previous albums have been images that flash before your eyes. I think that we brought one particular feel this time around.

    What does "Reason Left To Destroy" mean to you?

    II went on a road trip in a Winnebago a few years ago where they filmed Hitchcock's The Birds. It was quite foggy and bleak there. There is the idea of someone bringing disaster to a small town as in the first line of the lyrics. It is reminiscent of the Hitchcock film.

    Where does "Rolodex the Seasons" come from?

    It seems like a theme across all of our albums—almost like the theme to a school's program. I am quite into Sesame Street where they would have a little mini-film about the seasons or a peanut factory. Nothing like Big Bird, but these films where they tell you about the world. I imagine it to be like a camp song.

    What have you been listening to, watching, or reading lately?

    I don't think there are any other bands I would want to be like. I think that horror films-when I made the trailer for the album I was stockpiling 70's and 80's horror film. I like the mix of nice and nasty.

    If you were going to compare the album to a movie or combination of movies, what would be the cinematic equivalent?

    The feel of the record is quite high school-ish, but I don't really like that idea because I have a love-hate relationship with that. concept It would probably be some straight-to-video, third generation copy of a made-for-TV movie [Laughs].

    Rick Florino

    'The Scene Between' by The Go! Team is available via Memphis Industries.

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