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    Tue, 18 Feb 2014 11:02:59

    Interview: The Pack A.D. - By ARTISTdirect.com editor in chief Rick Florino...

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    The Pack A.D. might just restore your faith in rock 'n' roll. The duo of Maya Miller and Becky Black churn out sputtering punked-up garage jams with a sci-fi scope and enigmatic charm that solidifies them as one of the most intriguing outfits on the scene. Do Not Engage roars and rages at the right times, while still transfixing with intricate instrumentation and an ethereal glaze. Definite Engage as soon as possible...

    In this exclusive interview with ARTISTdirect.com editor in chief Rick Florino, Maya Miller of The Pack A.D. talks the album, sci-fi, and so much more.

    How ferocious is The Pack A.D. live experience?

    Well, it's really loud, involved, and sweaty. There's usually a mosh pit, which is really bizarre [Laughs]. I guess that would make more sense than just being able to dance normally to our music, which no one does. Suddenly, I'm picturing ballroom dancing, and that's not happening. We just give it everything we've got when we play a show. If you don't leave sweaty, something's wrong. We get everything done and have a good show. Now, I sound like a hockey player being interviewed. There you go!

    What song from Do Not Engage resonates with you the most right now?

    At the moment, I have to go with "Airborne". Mainly, it's because we started practicing it again. I just really like that song. It's a cinematic song. It feels like it would be a pretty epic video if we ever made one. It would have to be so epic it was set in outer space. That song is doing it for me right now.

    Could the mad scientist from "Rocket" show up?

    He totally could! You don't even know. The video we have planned for "Rocket" with that guy is so good. We've got to get that video made. Now, you're making me think of "Rocket" again. Those are two songs we haven't played yet at our shows. It makes things, dare I say, exciting.

    Is there a flight or space theme throughout the album?

    There's definitely a theme, and that was not planned. There are constants between the two of us no matter who's writing the song or if we write the song together. Definitely outer space, flight, computers, robots, creatures, and Frankenstein monsters are constants. They don't always come together into a cohesive album though, but this time around, they sure did. You're absolutely right. The primary themes seem to be space and flight. That was just how it came up. In the end, everyone has certain interests in the things they do. You just keep coming back to the things you're interested in because that's what you're interested in. For once, it culminated in our mutual interest in space.

    What's the creative chemistry like between you and Becky?

    Wow, it changes all the time. We couldn't do anything with any kind of normal schedule. For instance, we got together yesterday to work on some things, and it just wasn't happening. So, we walked away. Things don't always work out. Becky will come up with a riff or melody on her own and bring it to practice. I'll work on lyrics on my own and bring them to practice. She'll try singing the lyrics. We'll free jam around whatever we come up with until something works. Or, I'll bring a drum beat. It's super fluid and happenstance how any song comes together. "Battering Ram" came from the weird drum roll I do off the drums. It just went from there. We always knew "The Flight" would be a weird studio song we wanted to do because we'd never done anything like that. It's just a bit bizarre instead of structured. We wanted to get away from structure there. How we come together on things changes all the time. That keeps it interesting for both of us.

    If Do Not Engage were a movie or a combination of movies, what would it be?

    That's such a great question! Wow...I'd have to say The Ring and Melancholia. We love horror and Lars von Trier. I don't really know though [Laughs].

    The Pack a.d. - Sirens

    Rick Florino

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