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    Wed, 10 Sep 2008 08:12:54

    Sometimes the best place to find musical collaborators is right in your own backyard. That was the case for The Vistoso Bosses. Cousins Kelci and Taylah got together at family gatherings and began churning out ideas for music. Soon, the Atlanta teens found themselves with a slew of hyperactive, catchy pop gems that dabble equally in hip hop, dance and punk rock. It's a funky little hybrid that's perfect to jam to, dance to or drive to. So next time your little cousin wants to do a song or dance routine at a family party, don't just grab another beer and walk back to the grown-up's table. Take a closer look because she may get signed to a major label some day just like The Vistoso Bosses did. Though these two divas-on-the-rise are still in high school, they've got enough spunk to spare. After school one day, Kelci and Taylah talked to ARTISTdirect about readying their debut for Interscope, mixing genres and why they're "Boy Crazy."

    Would you say you guys have come up with your own sound?

    Kelci: Yeah, that's really what we're trying to go for. It's weird that you say that because no one else has understood! We were trying to create something different with our producer, and I think we did.

    Where are you coming from in terms of influences?

    Kelci: We're influenced by a lot of stuff around us. It's not always necessarily music that influences us. We're really influenced by everyday experiences.

    How did you guys come together?

    Kelci: We're cousins, and we've always been best friends! We basically grew up together. We started doing music because of our family. We've been making music at family functions ever since we were kids. We're very blessed to be able to write songs together.

    Where do the songs usually start? Do you come up with lyrics or beats first?


    Most of the time, a lot of our songs come from goofing around. We'll say something weird, and then Kelci will start making a beat. Then I'll just sing like crazy. It's not forced. If it was forced, nothing would come out. It comes naturally from having fun, being out and interacting with people.

    You're talking about a lot of personal experiences in the music. What's the story behind "Boy Crazy?"

    Kelci: We actually wrote "Boy Crazy" with our producer. He had that song, and we just loved it so much. We just started writing the lyrics. Of course, we were boy crazy, so it fit. It's all reality [Laughs].

    Is Atlanta particularly inspiring?

    Kelci: There's a lot of music down here. A lot of people say we don't sound like we're from Atlanta. That might be because we listen to a lot of music from all over the place. We don't only listen to music from Atlanta.

    Where did the name Vistoso Bosses come from?

    Kelci: Basically, "Vistoso" is the Spanish word for gorgeous. We always liked that. We had a list of names that we had to go through. This name just worked. "Bosses" came in because we feel like we're coming out with something new. We do a lot of stuff that you wouldn't expect us to do.

    It definitely seems like anything is possible in the realm of your sound. You guys could do a pop sound, a hip hop sound or a more rock-oriented sound.

    Kelci: We don't like to put ourselves in a category. If anything, our style is pop/hip hop/punk. We're definitely having a great time.

    Do you play a lot around Atlanta?

    Kelci: Yes, we do. We've performed at a bunch of places. We just went to Washington, and that was a lot of fun.

    How does the music translate live? Do you guys have a band?

    Kelci: It's just us. We don't have dancers, a band or anything like that. It's just Taylah and I up there. We have a lot of energy. We're always bouncing all over the place.

    Is that where that energetic punk influence comes in?

    Taylah: Yes! After watching our YouTube videos, everyone talks about how animated we are. They're very surprised [Laughs].

    —Rick Florino

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