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  • Interview: Till Lindemann & Peter Tägtgren

    Thu, 28 May 2015 08:03:05

    Interview: Till Lindemann & Peter Tägtgren -

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    Worlds collide and make rock magic when Rammstein's frontman and Pain and Hypocrisy visionary show their Skills In Pills!

    There's nothing quite like hearing Rammstein singer Till Lindemann's booming croon over a gnashingly gorgeous soundscape from Peter Tägtgren of Pain and Hypocrisy. That chemistry makes Lindemann's Skills In Pills [Warner Bros. Records], out June 23, such a heart-wrenchingly hilarious and heavy exercise in musical alchemy. The German vocalist and Swedish musical jack-of-all-trades have been friends for a long time, but one day they just decided to hit the studio and cut a song. It snowballed from there, and now they've got an industrialized metal opus that's as fiery as it is funny. Nothing's off limits, and most American listeners really get to experience Lindemann's English singing here. The words might shock you or make you laugh to no end. Either way, you're in for one of the year's best rides when you swallow Skills In Pills. Rock doesn't get more addictive. Given how incredible and inimitable this offering is, we spoke to both Till and Peter about the record, canoeing in the Yukon, a sequel idea for Trainspotting, why they loved this interview, and so much more.

    Skills In Pills is amazing!

    Till Lindemann: Really? Thank you so much!

    You found a creative middle ground to do what you both do, while expanding it at the same time.

    Till Lindemann: There's nothing more to say, my friend [Laughs]. You just hit the nail right on the head, exactly. We can all go home!

    Was the impetus to both expand and merge your respective psyches?

    Peter Tägtgren: To be honest, we didn't really think anything when we started. We didn't say we were going to do an album together. We just said, "Let's try to do one song and see what it sounds like." For us, it was nothing really planned.

    Was the chemistry there immediately?

    Peter Tägtgren: As soon as we started to send files back and forth, we thought things were coming out very easily. We connected very well right away. It was just a snowball effect. One thing led to another and another. All of a sudden, we had twelve songs.

    Till Lindemann: I told Peter, "Let's do one song, then put it on the internet, and let people decide if it's good or not. Maybe we continue after that." Peter's a greedy bastard, so he won't give it away [Laughs]. We recorded another. Then, we had a second song and a third song. He came up with the idea, "Let's make an EP." After we had enough for an EP, he was like, "Let's make a whole f***ing record!" [Laughs]. Within a year, we made the kind of progress in writing and recording that other bands would take a decade to do because we were really efficient in working. It was really fast, and we learned a lot from each other.

    Listen to a Snippet of "Skills In Pills"

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