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    Tue, 18 Nov 2014 10:33:06

    Interview: TK-N-CASH - By ARTISTdirect.com editor in chief Rick Florino...

    TK-N-CASH are hip-hop's next big duo. The Atlanta brothers bounce between vibrant verses and unshakable hooks. It's an artful balance that immediately captivates, and it fuels their new single "Mind Right". The song evinces their talent, but it also hints at some very big things to come.

    In this exclusive interview with ARTISTdirect.com editor in chief Rick Florino, TK-N-CASH talk "Mind Right", their influences, movies, and so much more.

    What's the story behind "Mind Right"?

    Cash: It's really about getting your mind right. Sometimes, you have to leave certain people and things alone so you can get on the right path, do the right things, and get your life in order. It came from real life situations. We were just in the studio vibing one night. Our phones kept going off, and we were like, "We've got to get our minds right and leave this alone". We recorded the track, and we thought, "Wow!" So, we kept it. One of the key things is getting your mind right and going through things with a clear head.

    Does "Mind Right" represent where you're headed musically?

    Cash: Yeah, this is a great representation of where we're headed because we talk about real situations and things we go through on a daily basis. We're trying to be as relatable as possible to everyone. We're still humans, and we have the same problems everyone else has. We just put them into songs.

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    What artists shaped you?

    Cash: The people that really molded me are Lil Wayne—with all of his mixtapes especially—then T.I., OutKast, Ashanti, and Ja Rule. I come from the nineties and early 00s music. That affected me.

    TK: I'd say Lauryn Hill.

    What's Atlanta like for hip-hop?

    Cash: It's like the capitol of music. Everybody goes to here to find what's hot. To be here, live here, and experience it is a great feeling. It's wonderful living in Atlanta. To find success here is incredible.

    Is it important for you to tell stories with the songs?

    TK: Of course! Like my brother says, it's real situations. We talk about everything we're going through that year, that month, that day, that hour, and even down to the minute. It's so organic. You can't make it up. That's our whole angle. Our new project is straight reality music. It's about everything we go through and other people go through. It's reality music.

    What else encourages that?

    TK: It's whatever is going on. We might make a song about the struggle. Even this conversation with you might go in a song. We tell what goes on in our life. Nobody can tell our story how we can tell our story. I think people want to hear it and know what we've got going on. That's our whole angle.

    What do you feel like you each bring to the songs?

    TK: If Cash's verse wasn't on there or my verse wasn't on there, it wouldn't be what it is. It's hard to say. We both bring something dope to it.

    Cash: We're with each other every day. We're brothers, and we know what's going on in each other's lives. Whatever I'm going through, he may say it in his verse in reference to me. I may say what he's going through in reference to him, and he may not even know it. That's the chemistry we have together to create the reality of both of our lives in one.

    What's next for you?

    TK: Right now, we're working on the mixtape. It's called No Handouts. That's the main thing we've been working on. We'll drop an EP after that, but right now we're focused on "Mind Right" and No Handouts. That's coming soon.

    If you were to compare the mixtape to a movie or combination of movies, what would you compare it to?

    Cash: Paid in Full! I'm not saying we're street or anything like that. When you're going through the industry or that life, everybody seems like you have to give them a handout or do something in order to get somewhere. Everybody has their hands out when you get to a certain place. You get it when you're doing it by yourself though. We aren't asking for handouts. We did this on our own. This is what we did by ourselves. We just watched Paid in Full the other day too.

    What else are you looking forward to?

    TK: The video is a movie, man. Like I said, this is reality music, and we want to bring that to the video world as well. There's a lot of storytelling in the video. You have to watch it to see how everything plays out. It's crazy, bro!

    Rick Florino

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