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  • Interview: Uffie — "I have a fascination with trash youth culture…I'm definitely a "Twilight" watcher…My dad likes Rammstein!"

    Tue, 08 Jun 2010 08:47:25

    Interview: Uffie — "I have a fascination with trash youth culture…I'm definitely a "Twilight" watcher…My dad likes Rammstein!" - Uffie talks to ARTISTdirect.com editor and <i>Dolor</i> author Rick Florino in this exclusive interview about her love for "trash youth culture," watching <i>Blade Runner</i>, her dad, the Rammstein fan and watching <i>Twilight</i>...

    Uffie's got this timeless charm.

    It's not modern, it's not retro and it's not futuristic. It's that grainy gorgeous gusto that's decidedly '70s, yet distinctly now. Uffie's style is somewhat akin to Deftones' "Change (In the House of Flies)" video or the Smashing Pumpkins' "1979" video—at least that's the vibe instantly drawn from one viewing of her sexy filmed-in-the-Boogie-Nights-house clip for "Pop the Glock."

    However, her long-awaited full-length debut, Sex, Dreams, and Denim Jeans (Due Out June 22nd), goes a lot deeper than Dirk Diggler and Co. ever did. There's a seductive darkness at the heart of the album that's profound, poetic and quite passionate. Over eerie electro beats, she croons out sexy pop hooks one minute and then busts out a rhyme another. There's no one quite like Uffie, and that's what's most charming about her.

    Uffie sat down with ARTISTdirect.com editor and Dolor author Rick Florino for an exclusive interview about "trash youth culture," watching Blade Runner for the first time, bringing Sex, Dreams and Denim Jeans to the stage and her dad, the Rammstein fan…

    If Sex, Dreams, and Denim Jeans were a movie, what would it be?

    Ooh, I think something by Larry Clarke. There's a Harmony Korine vibe to it. I have a fascination with trash youth culture. Those kinds of artists really express that in a way.

    Sex, Dreams, and Denim Jeans could easily be the soundtrack to some kind of seedy underground.

    I definitely think so too! I'm constantly changing my mind and evolving so the music's a bit schizophrenic like that. It has that alternative darkness.

    Well, it can also get people dancing as well. Hence the enigma that is Uffie…

    With the album, it was so exciting because I love making party tracks, but it gets to a point where you want to go a little bit farther. EPs are totally destined for clubs. An album is your one opportunity to make music that people can listen to at home.

    What's your live show like?

    I have a guy who plays keytar and drum pads, and I have a DJ to make the tracks come alive. We don't just play the instrumentals over the PA. They make them live. "Art of Uff" is fucking crazy live. It's so amazing and dark! I have a light guy now so we really play with the moods and the lights. I want to work even more on the live show though. I think it's going to develop slowly over time. Maybe we'll add more people.

    What are some of your favorite movies?

    I love Gummo. This is really embarrassing—I'm definitely a Twilight watcher! [Laughs] Yeah, it's funny I watch Twilight.

    There's a pretty big chasm between Gummo and Twilight.

    You know, I'm a very complex lady [Laughs]. I love all the classic films like Kids. I can't think of anymore; it's really sad! I really want to see Alice in Wonderland. I recently saw Blade Runner for the first time. I'd never seen it, and that was really good.

    What'd you dig about Blade Runner?

    Visually, it was just awesome! It's totally creepy. How do people come up with this shit?

    It came out almost 30 years ago and it still looks great.

    I know! It still looks incredible. It's like Kraftwerk; it never ages [Laughs].

    Your music could play in one of those futuristic clubs in the movie.

    I hope so! I think my music does have more of a punk edge. I grew up on house that was all about Pink Floyd. My dad likes Rammstein! My brother's in a heavy metal band so there was definitely a lot of rock. It's pretty equal to the hip hop if not more now.

    What records do you always come back to?

    Definitely Eric Clapton! All of his classics are amazing. Right now, I cannot stop listening to fucking Franz Ferdinand [Laughs]. It's starting to annoy me. I think everyone on my tour bus hates me because of it! After we play, we're up until like six in the morning having drinks and I'm playing it over and over again. That's my big obsession. I'm crazy about LCD Soundsystem. They're amazing. I'm opening for them at Sonar; I'm psyched.

    You and James Murphy would make quite the collaboration.

    I wish! Maybe it'll happen! Slip him a little roofie, make him sign a contract at Sonar, he'll never know! [Laughs]

    —Rick Florino

    Photo: Ysa Perez

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