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    Fri, 08 May 2015 09:34:01

    Interview: Walk Off The Earth -

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    Pop music innovators discuss how to 'Sing It All Away' and how to feel like you "Rule The World"…

    Walk Off The Earth unveil their latest album, Sing It All Away [Columbia], on June 16, 2015. However, the inventive Canadian pop quintet are prepping fans everywhere with the unique, uplifting, and undeniable single "Rule The World" now. Known for literally making "anything" an instrument, the track is punctuated by off-kilter sounds that merge into pure pop bliss. You could hear this one at sporting events or graduations it's that empowering. In this exclusive interview, Sarah Blackwood of Walk Off The Earth opens up about Sing It All Away, being a mom, and more.

    Sing It All Away takes what you did on R.E.V.O. to a new level, while preserving your signature sound.

    That's exactly what we wanted to do. We're all about developing, changing, and creating new sounds. Sometimes, it's hard for people to understand that as far as fans and the public go. Artists are continuously changing, and that's what we did with this record.

    Is there anything you got to try that you didn't the first time around?

    Yeah! For me, it was a really fun album. R.E.V.O. was great, but it was so rushed. I had basically just joined the band so we didn't have a ton of time to do that much writing off the top. We wrote a bunch of new songs and put a couple of old songs that had already been written in the album and threw me on there. Sing It All Away was the first one where we actually all wrote together from scratch. There were parts really made for each member and singer. I got to use a really big vocal range on this album, which was awesome.

    It shows every facet of all of you.

    That was our plan!

    Where did "Rule The World" come from?

    It's who we are and what we like to live by. Don't let other people set the rules for your own life. Do what you feel makes you happy. Go after things you think might be risky. People will say, "No, you can't do that!" You have to be like, "Well, watch me. I'm going to do it anyway." It's an empowering song. It's all about R.E.V.O.—Realize Every Victory Outright. F*** everybody else, do your own thing, and be you.

    What was your favorite part of the video?

    It was supposed to be one day, but it ended up being three [Laughs]. It was a pretty decent process of getting the right shots. We're very involved in the creative process of everything we do. We wanted to make sure the video was right before we went ahead and said, "That's a wrap!" It was really fun and awesome working with all of the dancers. We were out in L.A. so it was nice and warm. It was a pretty pleasant experience as far as shooting videos. It just took a little longer. We actually ended up shooting some of the footage on the roof of the house we were renting with our SLR camera just to get some pickup shots and stuff. It was a pretty crazy process!

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