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    Fri, 14 Oct 2011 10:51:55

    Introducing... Sarah Tracey - She's a spy…sort of!

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    Sarah Tracey was born with an adventurous spirit and flair for drama so that's why we had to tell you about her. We're lucky to be bro-esses with her publicist, so we were hipped to this artist early. Of course we had to check her out and then share the deets about her with you. We're generous like that.

    Her family tree reads like something out of Indiana Jones: she was descended from Irish horse thieves and Mayflower crusaders; eccentric visionaries and aviation pioneers; scandalous headline-makers and submarine-dodgers; explorers and excavators. It was, after all, on an archeological dig in 1938 that her grandfather discovered one of the first dinosaur fossils in North America! What a familial history, huh? Some people are just born blessed.

    So, it's no surprise that in dreaming up her debut full-length album, Tell No One, she slipped into the stiletto boots and fearless drive of a glamorous spy girl, writing dizzy fantasies of jet-setting around the globe and uncovering decadent and dangerous secrets along the way. If you like Adele and Amy Winehouse, then imagine those smoky voiced chanteuses in the glamorous age of the '40s and you've got our gal Sarah Tracey!

    Tell No One covers a decidedly bolder musical terrain than Sarah Tracey has ever dared risk until now. Inspired by the espionage film scores of the Cold War-era, complete with a sexy vintage kick and a swingin' horn section. It's the perfect backdrop for sipping your martini while reaching for the dynamite in your boot heel, escaping a helicopter while swinging your vintage convertible out of a mountain curve, or an undercover fling into a seductress double agent's lair. The sultry and sensual vocals that have become Miss Tracey's trademark are ever-present, but the playful, sassy and empowered vibe owes just as much to Nancy Sinatra as it does Nina Simone.

    "Sitting on pianos and crooning torchy laments got a little boring," explained Tracey. "It was time to kick it up a notch. I took a chance on this album and just went for it... I pushed myself out of that comfort zone. I wanted the listener to travel the world with me through their very own dreams and fantasies." Kicking it up a notch with high-heeled boots, no less.

    Tracey also points out that "spy" genre was full of fun musical twists to play with. "We have everything represented here from action-packed high-energy retro grooves and surf guitar riffs, to tango and exotic Latin lounge beats, to jazz-inflected lullabies."

    Lyrically, the concept of the 'secret identity' took on a rich and emotionally resonant tone. "My lyrical inspiration for these songs was the duality of my two personalities: my controlled 'everyday' self vs. my reckless 'by night' self. I think a lot of people can relate to the feeling of having a secret, hidden side that you rarely show- just like a secret agent and their 'cover' identity. You may not be travelling on missions to Budapest or Bali, but we all have secret lives." Don't we though! The biggest skeletons often tumble from the smallest closets, not the Carrie Bradshaw-sized walk ins!

    Partly funded by her fans, Tell No One was recorded live at legendary Sear Sound Recording in New York City, with sultry grooves provided by some of NYC's favorite session players. Extra flash was brought in by a brass section straight from Broadway and backup vocals from her own team of Doo-Wop girls. A sexy, stylish, and soulful journey of intrigue through secret hotel rooms, mysterious penthouses, and soaring private jets.

    It's out now.

    Go here for the silent video preview.

    What do you think of sexy spy Sarah Tracey?

    —Amy Sciarretto

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