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  • Jackson Guthy Talks North of Nine, His Love for Piano, and More

    Wed, 08 Apr 2015 12:32:53

    Jackson Guthy Talks North of Nine, His Love for Piano, and More - By ARTISTdirect.com editor in chief Rick Florino...

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    Jackson Guthy of North of Nine discussed the group’s Alive EP [iTunes] with us in this exclusive interview as well as sharing his love for playing the piano and so much more. Alive signals the start of something special for both Jackson and rock music. The group’s shimmering, stunning, and soaring pop immediately captivates as the singer’s immense voice takes flight. Alive stands out as one undeniable anthem after another.

    In this exclusive interview with ARTISTdirect.com editor in chief Rick Florino, Jackson Guthy talks North of Nine and so much more.

    Did you approach the Alive EP with one vision in mind?

    I think the way the EP evolved is very natural. Each of the songs on the EP are a little bit different. The songs are all melody-driven, but there’s definitely a good variety of up-tempo to down-tempo. Going into the studio for Alive, the vibe was very happy and positive. It came out very natural, and we’re very stoked to see where the rest of the full-length goes.

    Did you and Gavin Brown click pretty quickly?

    Yeah, that happened the second I got in the room with him. He’s great because he’s able to filter a lot of my ideas. It was awesome having someone there to keep everybody on track. If I moved on to another idea, he’d be like, “Wait, what about that last one?” At the end, we’d be happy we didn’t forget about it.

    What’s the story behind “Alone?”

    I wrote the chord progression for that song about two or three months ago. I had this little hum I was doing of it. I didn’t know where it would go. I showed it to Gavin. Nobody else was in the studio, it was just me and him. We were in there for two or three hours, and we smashed out that song. Then, I went in and recorded it. That’s my favorite song on the EP. We’re all definitely be very proud of it. Hopefully, it will get the attention and help people feel related to North of Nine, because that song is something everyone can genuinely relate to and fall back to because that experience is universal.

    Was the performance particularly intense?

    Vocally, that one is asking for a lot more, because it’s reaching a bit in my range. In terms of the vocals, I went into this record with a positive and open mind. My vocal producer would guide me down the right path. I was surrounded by great people, and that’s why we got this product.

    What do you love about playing piano?

    I’ve played piano my entire life. I’ve found it’s the easiest way for me to create music, because it just naturally has always felt like it flows out. I don’t like when music feels forced. I don’t think that’s doing what you love. You have to do the music that resonates and comes out of your fingers, when you touch the instrument—whether it’s the piano or guitar. I will agree with you that piano is a driving factor in the band. In North of Nine, the music is comprised of a lot of real instrumentation, yet we do have production on top. The core is real instruments and melodic, engaging choruses. It’s catchy music people can find relatable topics in, enjoy, and be happy. For me, music is being able to take someone from a time of day where he or she feels down or depressed up. They can pop on their headphones, listen to a song, and go to that other place where they feel like, “Oh, someone else has gone through that experience. I’ve gone through it. I’m going to take that knowledge and have it help me.” That’s the coolest part about music.

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