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  • Jeff Bridges and iamROGUE.com talk 'Tron: Legacy' and music!

    Tue, 28 Sep 2010 15:08:29

    Jeff Bridges and iamROGUE.com talk 'Tron: Legacy' and music! - The award winning actor discusses a return to Tron, ending child hunger and his musical life.

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    • Jeff Bridges - HOLLYWOOD, CA - SEPTEMBER 09: A general view of atmosphere at the premiere of 'The White Russian,' A Kahlua Productions Film starring Jeff Bridges at Siren Studios on September 9, 2014 in Hollywood, California.
    • Jeff Bridges - HOLLYWOOD, CA - SEPTEMBER 09: A general view of atmosphere at the premiere of 'The White Russian,' A Kahlua Productions Film starring Jeff Bridges at Siren Studios on September 9, 2014 in Hollywood, California.
    • Jeff Bridges - HOLLYWOOD, CA - SEPTEMBER 09: A general view of atmosphere at the premiere of 'The White Russian,' A Kahlua Productions Film starring Jeff Bridges at Siren Studios on September 9, 2014 in Hollywood, California.

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    Jeff Bridges is one of the most compelling actors working today. His recent Academy Award winning work in Crazy Heart was but one of many memorable performances.

    From The Last Picture Show to Starman all the way up to Fearless, there is nothing that Bridges can’t do. He brings a level of character and heart to every performance he gives. The same can be said about his music. As we all learned from ‘Heart’, the dude has real talent whether it be music or film.

    While we were taking a sneak peek at Tron: Legacy this past weekend, iamROGUE.com had the opportunity to speak with Jeff. He opened up about many things during the visit, including his music and his plans to work to end hunger for children in the US.

    Jeff Bridges has a heart of gold. He is an activist, he is a talented actor and he can also sit in a room with you and make you feel right at home. After all, this guy was “The Dude”, so he must be pretty amazing, right?

    TRON: Legacy opens this December 17, 2010.

    I’ve gotta tell ya, The Last Picture Show is one of my favorite movies of all time man.

    Oh, yeah. Did you see Texasville too?

    I have.

    You know there are three other books? Did you know about that?

    Yes I did.

    And I’m hoping that they’re going to make movies of those.

    I’d love to see that. They don’t make that type of film much anymore.

    Have you read the books?


    If you dug those two movies, those books are great. Really good!

    Fantastic! And now you’re in another Tron. You know I have to ask, how quickly did you decide that you wanted to go back to this world?

    Probably the same thing that brought me to the original one and that was that you were going to get to play with all that stuff in a profession that you love. All that new stuff, that was a big plus and I thought it would be a good opportunity to make a modern day myth about technology and how we might never get these waters that we have now.

    We’re you in the other room when I was talking about these plastic bottles and stuff, was I talking about that?


    I go on about that as an example of technology. I’m addicted to these things too [a bottle of water], you know, you get a plastic bottle and they say it’s biodegradable. That’s bullshit! It breaks down into small particles that go into the ocean and microscopic animals eat this stuff, which toxic chemicals are drawn into. The fish and the birds eat those and we eat… you know. So it’s not very farsighted. And that’s what technology is, as human beings we love that instant gratification and what we can have right now without thinking about the legacy that we leave to our kids. So it’s a chance to tell a story about that.

    Speaking of technology, throughout the time we’ve been here, the main thing that talked about is the relationship between your character and your son (played by Garrett Hedlund). It’s also a look at how that technology affected your relationship with your son. Can you talk a little bit more about that?

    Well it certainly drifted us apart. It’s always tricky talking about doing what we do here, because being a movie lover, it probably goes for you guys too, and you don’t want to know much about the movies you are going to see. You want to be surprised, so it’s hard to talk about this, but technology is certainly a cause for this father and son to be… the father is lost in his own invention and you could probably take that as a metaphor that with technology today, it can bring us together, it also can drive us apart like in this movie.

    Watching yourself at age thirty-five thanks to movie magic, isn’t that an odd experience?

    Yeah, well it’s not that, because I’m used to seeing old movies you know what I’m saying. As another person who didn’t have my life where we made movies when we were young. That part wasn’t surprising to me, but when I’m actually doing the movie and that younger side of me wasn’t around…

    Was it difficult to act with all that?

    Yeah, it’s a different thing you know. In life, and also in movies, it’s a similar challenge where you have expectations and then you get in a situation where it’s not meeting your expectations, and it’s a great opportunity to go into bitch mode and just resent why things aren’t how I imagine them to be. And that was certainly unbearable to go into that mode in these kind of situations where you have no costumes, no set. There is no camera. It is one of this things kind of have to let that kind of concern go and get with the program. Be excited about this new technology and this new, fresh, uncomfortable feeling. How do you work with it?

    Can you talk about working with Garrett?

    Such a wonderful guy, he reminds me of myself at that age. I wonder if he is about the same age as I was when I did Tron. I can’t remember… but he is a wonderful actor. There are a lot of actors who want you to call them by their character’s name and don’t like to engage too much. Everyone on this set approached it the way I like to. You hang a little bit and get to know each other and that informs your character in the movie. Yeah, but he is wonderful to work with. And now I can’t wait to see his movie where he plays a country singer.

    Yeah! Country Strong!

    Yeah! I wanna see that. We both have two movies coming out this next year.

    You were talking about your music? How do you balance film and music now? How long have you been really serious about playing again because I know you’ve always played?

    Yeah! I’ve been playing since I was a teenager and whenever I get a chance to work it into a movie I do that. Crazy Heart really stoked my music side and I got to work with dear friends, T-Bone Burnett and Stephen Bruton and my oldest friend, John Goodwin who wrote the song Crazy Heart and we’ve been writing together all these years. So after I finish True Grit, for the remainder of the year I’m going to concentrate on ending childhood hunger here in our country and my music. So I hadn’t really done any movies and I don’t have any movies planned so I’m concentrating on those things. I put a little band together and we just played Niagara Falls. Have you been to Niagara Falls?


    It’s something! It’s really a wonder of the world, I can say that.

    Why did you choose to play there?

    They just had a gig. I put it out to my publicist and she manages Brian Wilson. And this was available and I said, ‘Okay, I’ll go!’ So I put a little band together, got some tunes. And T-Bone’s put this wonderful review together called Speaking Clock. He just did an album with Elton John and Leon Russell. So the tour will be Elton John, Leon Russell, John Mellencamp, Gregg Allman, Elvis Costello and me. It’s gonna be in New York, Boston and San Francisco.


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