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    Fri, 10 Feb 2012 09:28:09

    Joachim Garraud Talks "Hillside West" - In this exclusive interview with ARTISTdirect.com editor in chief Rick Florino...

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    "We had one priority in doing the Hillside West EP," smiles Joachim Garraud of his collaboration with Alesia. "We had to kill the dance floor."

    When Hillside West drops on March 20, 2012 via Dim Mak Records, dance floors worldwide will be destroyed in the best way possible. Garraud's sophisticated techno production collides with Alesia's dubstep wizardry for a hybrid that's bound to get bodies moving everywhere. There's an underground vibrancy coursing through the framework of Hillside West, and it shines brilliantly.

    In this exclusive interview, Joachim Garraud speaks to ARTISTdirect.com editor in chief Rick Florino about Hillside West, genres coming together, why Dim Mak rules, and so much more…

    What's your take on Hillside West as a whole?

    Making an album is a little bit passé because people get excited track by track. I think five, six, or seven tracks are just enough to excite people. For Hillside West, we made a lot more than seven tracks. We chose the seven best we made. I'm very excited about this being released on Dim Mak. To me, they're one of the best labels in the world. I'm very close to Steve Aoki, and I'm excited to share this new adventure with him.

    What connects these tracks?

    All of these songs are linked together in terms of sound and production. The best electro and techno songs come from my era. The idea was to mix those with the dubstep era from Alesia. They're a French band with three guys and they're immersed in the dubstep sound. I'm into the electro and techno sound. That's why we made this EP together. All of the tracks from "Hook" to "Dusk" have a different approach regarding electronic music production.

    Were do the genres converge?

    There was space between the old school electro and brand new dubstep. We decided to work together in order to keep some part of dubstep inside some good electro. It makes sense though. As a DJ, I do a lot of live shows. Last year, I was lucky to play Coachella, Lollapalooza, and Electric Zoo. I played in the biggest in the electronic music festivals in the U.S.A. During my DJ set, I'm mixing and using some cool electro from the past and new dubstep sounds. I try to mix different kinds of music live, so it was really great to do this EP.

    What's the story behind "Japan Rail"?

    It's really the deep techno. It's dark at the beginning. There's really only one deep sound at the start, and it leaves some vibe on top. It's very techno and a little hardcore at the end. On the dance floor, it gets really crazy when you place this track.

    How do sounds come about for you?

    You can have a lot of fun messing around with a laptop. We form so many amazing sounds by mixing different synthesizers. There's a lot of energy and good vibes too. We want to make people dance and jump everywhere. There are a lot of good tracks for the dance floor on Hillside West. This isn't about radio. It's underground.

    Who are you listening to?

    I really like Skrillex. For a long time, I've loved Daft Punk. It's a good mix, man!

    Rick Florino

    Are you excited for Hillside West?

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