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  • Kat Dahlia - 15 Best Songs of 2015 So Far

    Mon, 06 Jul 2015 18:27:58

    Kat Dahlia - 15 Best Songs of 2015 So Far -

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    From bangers to semi-ballads, the gang is all here...

    Best songs of 2015 so far

    It's been a good year for music thus far and we're only halfway through 2015. So of course we had to stop for a moment celebrate the midway point of the year by compiling our Top 15 Songs of 2015 So Far list, which includes The Weeknd, Fifth Harmony, Walk Off the Earth, Wiz Khalifa with Charlie Puth and many, many more.

    It was an embarrassment of riches and there were lots (and we do mean lots of songs to sift through in order to narrow and whittle the list down to just 15.

    The best thing about the group discussion we had in order to choose these songs was that there were no arguments or vehement disagreements. Everyone on staff felt these songs were the best of the year.

    We're waiting to see which of these songs might end up being the song of Summer 2015. But whatever the case, every last one of these tracks gets stuck in our craws and our craniums. They all define the year 2015 in some way or another.

    When these tunes come on the radio, we turn them up. When someone in the office cranks them at their cubicle, we jam out, too! We ask our friends, "Yo! Have you heard that new Fifth Harmony track?" That's our litmus test for these songs. We hear them. We like them. We love them. We keep on going back to them.

    Here are the songs that have emerged as the best of the year. From bangers to semi-ballads, the gang is all here, so to speak.

    14. Kat Dahlia – "My Garden"

    Based on her voice alone, Kat Dahlia should be a huge superstar. She's not there yet, but her time is imminent. She will assert herself sooner or later, since a voice like this cannot and should not go unheard for long. "My Garden," the title track of her debut album, is equal parts grit and gorgeous.

    In the half-rapped, half-sung choruses, she sounds like Rihanna, spitting rhymes and delivering her words with slightly gangsta chic aplomb. But when Kat Dahlia lets 'er rip—that is, when she lets her voice erupt from the pit of her belly and from the most hidden recesses of her soul—that's when she comes to life.

    Dahlia husky pipes sound whiskey-soaked and rough, but therein lies her vocal charm. When she declares, "I'll have you" in the final third of the song, you have no doubts that Kat Dahlia gets what she wants. It sounds like she is speaking on tongues as the song fades out, but you'll be so enraptured by the accompanying beat that you won't care as you are magnetically drawn to her lair.

    Her voice is gruff and it's unpolished on "My Garden," and we wouldn't want it any other way.

    Watch the Music Video for "My Garden" by Kat Dahlia:

    —Amy Sciarretto

    See the other artists and songs on our 15 Best Songs of 2015 So Far list!

    'My Garden' from Kat Dahlia is available now on Epic Records. Kat Dahlia My Garden

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