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  • Live Review: Cavalera Conspiracy - House of Blues, West Hollywood

    Sat, 09 Aug 2008 23:55:14

    Live Review: Cavalera Conspiracy - House of Blues, West Hollywood - All in the family

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    Cavalera Conspiracy kicked Los Angeles square in the teeth with a 90-minute onslaught of cuts from their debut Inflikted and Sepultura classics. Forget about last week's earthquake, because the real fissure came during the first chords of the band's set at the West Hollywood House of Blues. It can't be easy to live up to a legend, especially one as visceral as Sepultura's, but the Cavalera brothers did with their new band. Metalheads have anxiously awaited Max amd Iggor's reunion for ten years. Now it's here, and it's everything fans have been waiting for and more.

    The band opened up the show by dispensing the raw fury of "Inflikted" and "Sanktuary," Inflikted's two leadoff tracks. Iggor's drums provided a bombastic tribal backdrop for Max's all-out riff warfare. Each drum hit sounded like a signal for the apocalypse, while Max's thunderous roar ripped through the din. He resembled the commander of some 300-style uprising, and the show mirrored a medieval battle as limbs flew on the floor. Max remains one of metal's most consistent frontman, nailing every guitar part and simultaneously convulsing while screaming, "Everybody die tonight!" After all these years, he's still as metal as it gets.

    Then there were the Sepultura songs. It's no doubt that's what the packed L.A. Crowd was there to see. "Refuse/Resist" and "Beneath the Remains" saw Max and Iggor locked into a harmonious thrash chaos. Both songs possessed the same tribal violence they had on record, and it's almost as if the brothers Cavalera never stopped playing together. "Arise," "Desperate Cry," and "Biotech Is Godzilla" sent the crowd into a frothing-at-the-mouth, moshing frenzy. There's something divine about two brothers that are this locked in, and it's strangely beautiful to see them bashing through the classic metal tracks that started their careers.

    Sepultura were no doubt one of the most important metal bands ever, and it was definitely quite a thrill to see the brothers bringing these favorites to a 21st century crowd. However, Cavalera Conspiracy's original songs were just as fierce and fiery as classic Sepultura. "Nevertrust" redefines thrash. It's speedy punk drumbeat propels Max's guitar/vocal assault, while Marc Rizzo simply rips his lead lines. Max dropped lines of wisdom like "Don't live how they fucking' taught you, but what you feel." "Ultraviolent" is a groove-laden modern gem from Cavalera Conspiracy's debut. It bounces from violent bashing to straight tribal groove. Both cuts were the perfect complement to "Attitude" from Sepultura's groundbreaking Roots.

    The biggest surprise of the night came when Max's son Igor took over his uncle's drum kit for "Troops of Doom." He nailed the song's grinding punk rhythms without missing a beat, and he brought big smiles to both his dad and his uncle. It's proof that Max still keep it in the family. The family tree reached back with set-closer "Roots Bloody Roots," and as Max put it "the biggest fucking mosh pit the House of Blues has ever seen" exploded in the middle of the floor.

    It was quite a night for metalheads. They got the Sepultura classics, but they also got a taste of the future with cuts from Inflikted and little Igor's drum break. Let's hope the next family reunion tour is just as amazing. Or better yet, we should hope there's no need for another reunion.

    —Rick Florino

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