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  • Live Review: Denis Leary – Club Nokia, Los Angeles

    Fri, 11 Jun 2010 10:33:03

    Live Review: Denis Leary – Club Nokia, Los Angeles - Denis Leary and <i>The Rescue Me Comedy Tour 2</i> light up Los Angeles with laughter and ARTISTdirect.com editor and <i>Dolor</i> author Rick Florino catalogs it play-by-play in this exclusive review...

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    The world needs a reality check—now more than ever.

    For that, there's Denis Leary. Leary's more than a comedian; he's the kind of pop culture bard necessary to keep us all grounded and laughing our asses off at the same time. Last night at Club Nokia in downtown L.A., Leary rescued comedy, America and oh so much more at the Rescue Me Comedy Tour 2.

    Somehow, Leary managed to be even funnier than he was the first time around. This is The Godfather II or Empire Strikes Back of comedy tours; it's the rare sequel that exceeds its predecessor in every way.

    Leary kicked off the show, cranking out a hilarious new song about the Catholic Church. As he bellowed lines like, "Don't drop the soap when the pope is nearby" and "Break out the candles and vaseline," his backing band, The Enablers, flawlessly fired off blues riffs and syncopated beats. After massaging the audience with his ditty about the church, "Father Leary" announced, "Here's a little song for anybody who was offended by the first song and anybody who's going to be offended by all the other stuff I have to say tonight."

    Over The Enablers' dreamy, demented doo wop, Leary crooned, "Fuck you and everyone who looks like you," with a Frank Sinatra-style panache.

    "The Fuck You Song" elicited major laughs from the packed crowd, and Leary was all smiles walking back to the microphone after finishing up. He didn't waste any time nailing the hot button issue of the month.

    Sauntering across the front of the stage, he exclaimed, "Fuck that recession. Fuck that oil spill. It's time to face some facts on that oil spill; we're not going to fix it. It's time for some good old fashioned American ingenuity. Let's make a ride out of it—Disneyland south!"

    The SoCal crowd erupted in laughter at Leary's simultaneous jab at the "Mouse" and the situation. Leary's chosen theme of the night was one of his favorites—hypocrisy. Hypocrites far and wide were sniped right between the eyes by Leary's razor sharp wit. George Rekers—Southern Baptist minister and member of N.A.R.T.H. and The Family Research council—got it pretty bad.

    Leary pointed out that Rekers was on the board of N.A.R.T.H.(National Association of Research and Therapy of Homosexuality) and was caught in a rather compromising position with a travel companion from "Rentboy.com"—which as Leary puts it, "Might as well be called rentafag.com." Leary skewered this guy smartly and massive laughs followed, but one of his best lines had to be about Rekers' attempt to compare himself to John the Baptist and Jesus.

    Leary exclaimed, "So Rekers thought, 'I've got to put out an I-Didn't-blow-anybody-statement, I'll compare myself to John the Baptist and Jesus."

    The hypocrisy theme extended to his commentary on the new Miss U.S.A. participating in a stripper contest last year. Leary added, "I think that should be a part of the contest for all future Miss U.S.A.'s" with a "cameltoe" component to the scoring. After that he dissected his favorite mugshots for the crowd including—James Brown post-PCP fueled, bullet-riddled high speed chase, Nick Nolte, a "blurry" Amy Winehouse and Mel Gibson.

    The rant then extended to medical side effects. One weight loss drug, Alli, Leary proved especially disapproving of, especially since it hints at "Anal Leakage." "What do you fucking leak your way to skinnydom?" Leary asked.

    The most hilarious moment came when Leary took the hipsters to task. God knows there are a lot of them in Los Angeles, so it couldn't have been more fitting. He first targeted "These fucking hipster guys wearing wool hats at outdoor events" thanks to "Brad Pitt and Colin Farrell." Then he went after the "man purse," yelling, "It's not a man purse; it's a fagbag! 'Satchel' sounds fuckin gay to me. It's European?! Go to Europe and suck some fucking cock!"

    Father Leary blessed the crowd with the classic "Asshole Song" and four other vibrantly raunchy, raw and raucous comedians. Kenny Rogerson asked a great question, "Who carries a calendar when they're drinking?" in response to his significant other's chagrin at him going out on Friday night for a few beers and returning Monday afternoon. Adam Ferrara's domestic humor proved just as sharp.

    Meanwhile, Whitney Cummings truly shined. She's the best female comedian on the scene, equally mixing a disregard for all sensitivity with purely potent pop culture disdain. About Cosmopolitan Magazine, she exclaimed, "This magazine teaches us how to be whores." About Cosmo's proposed "Sex Tricks," she said "I don't need any fucking tricks. I have a fucking vagina, tah-dah!" She also talked why "traveling fucking blows" and discussed important Google topics like the question "Do midgets have nightvision?"

    Then there was Lenny Clarke, who never disappoints and only gets better with every show. He announced that as "a patron of the arts" he had to see "the donkey show in Tijuana," going on "I myself was appalled yet also intrigued because I never saw a donkey penis. If I had a donkey cock, I could rule the world!"

    The Catholic Church also took it from Clarke. He smirked, "I have a lawsuit against the Archdiocese of Boston because I wasn't molested" and he soon added, "Nuns were small fat little broads that never get laid so they dress up like penguins and beat kids like me."

    The tour promoted Leary's fantastic series Rescue Me which invades airwaves again with its sixth season on FX on Tuesday June 29th at 10pm. He plugged the show in the best way possible saying, "Tell your friends Burn Notice fucking sucks. Watch Rescue Me!"

    One moment summed it all up though, Leary smiled at the crowd—after shoving Adam Ferrara's microphone down his pants—and said, "53-fucking-years-old, you know why the nuns hated me."

    It's the same reason he's the most important comedian of this generation—he doesn't give a fuck.

    —Rick Florino

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