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  • Live Review: Hyro Da Hero — Cinespace, Hollywood

    Mon, 10 May 2010 18:11:38

    Live Review: Hyro Da Hero — Cinespace, Hollywood - Hyro Da Hero turns Cinespace in Hollywood upside down last night...ARTISTdirect.com editor and <i>Dolor</i> author Rick FLorino chronicles it all in his exclusive review...

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    • Hyro Da Hero - Hyro Da Hero at Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom
    • Hyro Da Hero - Hyro Da Hero at Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom
    • Hyro Da Hero - Hyro Da Hero at Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom

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    "I came to rock," announced Hyro Da Hero.

    The Houston-born, Los Angeles-based MC did just that at a packed Cinespace in Hollywood late last night. Even though he was addressing a crowd of the hipper-than-thou and his set was sandwiched in between an incoherent art film and strange experimental music, Hyro Da Hero still managed to blow the roof off the club.

    Isn't that the mettle of a true artist though? When he or she can perform an effectively transcendent show in front of a crowd that's not already "in the know" about said artist's brilliance—or an audience that resides on a different planet altogether, in this case…

    Anyway, Hyro's set proved so electrifying that hipsters from back to front where bouncing up and down to the beat and about to pop, lock and drop right out of their fedoras and Converse as Hyro ripped right through cuts from his forthcoming debut album and his online releases Rock N' Roll Gangster and Gangsta Rock.

    For those of you out there not already "in the know," Hyro Da Hero essentially sounds like Nas backed by Rage Against the Machine. He wields a witty arsenal of rhymes, hooks and freestyles, all backed by staggering guitar riffs, polyrhythmic percussive madness and flavorful spinning. Opening cut "Let My Tape Rock" immediately shattered the room's silence as Hyro fired off one explosive verse after another, never breaking his flow and constantly stalking the edge of the show, right up in his audience's collective grill. With an infectious beat, "Punk Rocker" followed, during which Hyro cleverly sniped one whack MC after another. Hurricane Chris, Lil Wayne and Soulja Boy all took verbal beatdowns from Hyro as he confidently cut egos with each phrase.

    Hyro's also got something to say, and that's what makes his brand of hip hop so utterly enjoyable. "Noose Around Hip Hop" swung from a poignant chorus through Hyro's rants about all kinds of tragedies that more rappers should take an interest in. As he tore through the refrain with fire in his eyes, it was impossible not to feel an avalanche of pain and power in his delivery. That's some real heavy shit…

    "Dirty South Rock" kick-started the party again as his band joined him. The raucous riff fueling the song perfectly matched the chorus, "Rolling in the race car Camaro, bumping heavy metal, get up on my level." At this point the audience was on Hyro's level completely with all eyes fixated on him. "Petty Thieves" upheld that raw aggression with a dirty detuned riff that felt like it rose up from the very heart of Korn's immortal debut and a barrage of chaotically cathartic drum fills. "Glimpse Into America" blended heavy metal and hip hop better than anyone since Rage Against the Machine, evincing just how groundbreaking Hyro is.

    Hyro came to rock, and he does it with rap…sounds like a revolution to me…

    Besides, anyone that can make jaded hipsters dance has got some real talent…

    —Rick Florino

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    Photo Credit: John Loos

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