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  • Live Review: Stone Sour and Papa Roach — The Rialto Theatre Tucson, AZ

    Wed, 13 Feb 2013 18:07:14

    Live Review: Stone Sour and Papa Roach — The Rialto Theatre Tucson, AZ - By Hailey Johnson...

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    • Stone Sour - Stone Sour @ Golden Gods Awards presented by Epiphone 2013
    • Stone Sour - Stone Sour @ Golden Gods Awards presented by Epiphone 2013

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    The Rialto Theatre in Tucson got a good old fashioned adrenaline rush from Stone Sour and Papa Roach.

    With high expectations, and a hungry crowd waiting, Otherwise stepped on stage and kicked off the night with "Die For You", a forceful track that definitely did not disappoint. For those of you who are unaware, Otherwise is a Las Vegas band that has legitimized their title as "#1 Unsigned Act in America" over the past two years garnering a deal from Century Media and moving countless digital downloads of "Soldiers". Now, they're tearing up venues alongside the hard rock big guns. The crowd went nuts during "I Don't Apologize"—a hard-hitting breakup anthem that made the crowd scream and thrash with middle fingers at attention. Their stage presence is simply unforgettable. Brothers Adrian Patrick on vocals and Ryan Patrick on guitar ignited the ass-kicking on stage. They ended their set with the song that sent them to the top, "Soldiers", which the audience affectionately joined in, singing the entire song start to finish. There are no doubts. Otherwise isn't going anywhere—except for the top.

    Papa Roach launched right into "Still Swingin'" from their latest album The Connection. At one point, frontman Jacoby Shaddix had the lights shining on the seats at the very top of the venue.

    He declared, "This is not television. Get the fuck up. Do your knees hurt? You don’t see these guys down in front stopping to sit". With full compliance, the entire house was officially in pure rock mode. From this the band transitioned into a fan favorite "Between Angels and Insects". Meanwhile, "Where Did the Angels Go?" was dedicated to the "true metal heads". "Burn" lit up a massive sing-a-long, while hit after hit—"…To Be Loved", "Getting Away with Murder", "Scars", and "Lifeline"—rang through the night. The band closed their set with “Last Resort”, and joined arms to say goodnight to the crowd chanting “Papa Roach” until their departure from the stage.

    Approaching the end of this Tuesday night after a couple of hours of nonstop chaos and performances, you would think the crowd would grow a least a bit fatigued, but the energy seemed to only increase as the stage went black. You could feel the exhilaration build as the audience must have tried to brace themselves for what was coming next. Green lights flashed vigorously as the crowd erupted into cheers and screams.

    Stone Sour immediately entered the stage and broke out with "Gone Sovereign". There was no possible way to prepare yourself for the commanding vocals, spellbinding guitar, and forceful drums. After this intense intro, Corey Taylor addressed the crowd, "For those of you who don’t know, we are Stone Sour and we came here to rip your fucking head off! How does that sound?" The audience responded with thunderous stomps and clapping, screams, and all around fanatical reaction. Taking this response as an affirmative, they proceeded with "Absolute Zero" from House of Gold & Bones: Part I. The lights flashed from yellow to white, and from green to red, transitioned from strobe, to back lighting, and spiral designs throughout the set, adding dramatic visuals to the already stellar performance.

    They kept the crowd in motion, moving on to "Hell & Consequences" from Come What(ever) May. After "Say You'll Haunt Me", the band exited the stage, leaving Taylor solo with his guitar. A captivating moment for the show was the emotional performance of "Bother", in which the artist and the crowd made a true connection, the crowd singing each verse with all their hearts, and the singer pausing for what seemed to be appreciating the effect his performing had on the audience. Taylor's flawless and inspiring voice hung in the Rialto Theatre and left the crowd in a dreamlike state. Waking them up was Corey's solo intro to “Through the Glass”, the audience once again singing along with dedication as the rest of the members join in for the remainder of the song.

    He dropped the release date of House of Gold & Bones: Part II, April 9, asking, "Do you know what that fucking means? It means we will be back right fucking here Arizona!"

    Stone Sour closed out with "Last of the Real". It was hyper-charged with unimaginable velocity, and the cherry on top of this epic battering was the departure on "30/30-150".

    That adrenaline will undoubtedly be refueled once more when Stone Sour rolls through.

    —Hailey Johnson

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