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    Mon, 27 Jan 2014 17:11:14

    Lively: Changing the Way You See Shows... - ...and the way artists get your attention

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    Nowadays, fans don't just go to a show and watch the artist or the band. They are too busy capturing it on their phones, and sharing it with those who are not there and editing the content on the handheld to get it up on social media with the quickness. It's a share and share-alike culture.

    Well, that sorta takes the enjoyment out of being a fan and watching a show, doesn't it? It stops you from being in the moment.

    Well, Lively is a Seattle-based music technology company that partners with artists to record and quickly deliver live shows to fans in high-quality audio and video. Content is turned around rapidly, purchased and downloaded in the Lively app moments after the show so fans can put their phones down, be present in the moment and enjoy the show.

    Cool, right?

    Lively consists of a small but focused team of audio specialists, mobile and web developers, marketing and sales experts, as well as folks who have been in the music/entertainment industry for 20+ years.

    The Lively concept was hatched after Founder and CEO Dean Graziano attended the December 2012 Deck the Hall Ball in Seattle. In March of 2013, Lively demoed the app at Hey Marseilles' Seattle concert. The app then launched with Lively's first show of The Lonely Forest on May 4, 2013.

    Lively has already partnered with many of Seattle's most-trafficked music venues as well as a few locations in LA, New York, and Nashville. Lively works with several of these venues so they can become "Lively-enabled"; whether those needs consist of audio and video capabilities, permanent, or semi-permanent installations, or other unique solutions . The goal is to permanently Lively-enable several major venues across the country with everything they need to have a turnkey process and easily get artists' shows on the app and ultimately out to the fans.

    Performance should be experienced live and in-the-moment. It should also be shared and remembered, and it's there that technology can help. Lively gives both artists and fans what they want, without compromising the live performance.

    Lively is providing a new way for artists to connect with their fans and also provides incremental revenue to touring artists. Lively is encouraging fans to just enjoy the show. The Lively team will capture that experience and provide it to them to relive over and over again.

    Lively's patent-pending Lively Audio Manager (LAM) allows Lively to make live recordings available in the app. The LAM is a free application for the iPad that allows audio engineers to record a stereo mix from any sound board and, after the touch of a button, record the live performance. After recording is complete, it is sent to Lively's audio teams and Lively then sends the ready-to-purchase recordings directly to the app. A push notification is then sent to app users to let them know that the shows are available.

    Professional video capture – Lively can deploy a video production team to capture the live performances or we can receive video from the artists and make them available in the app within a day or two.

    "Working with Lively has been incredible," said artist Mycle Wastman. "My fans love the app because it allows them to interact with my music in a new way. Lively totally gets the value of the live experience and understands the industry."

    "The people at Lively are great to work with and they make recording a set on their app really easy," said the guys of Jamestown Revival. "Lively allows our live performances to live on long after the show ends."

    "Lively lets concert-goers rest easy knowing we're capturing their favorite concerts while providing artists with a new way to reach their fans and make money. It's a win-win," said Brian Hirsh, chief music officer at Lively.

    There you have it -- the skinny on Lively. It's definitely an operation we're excited about as live music fans.

    "Take the show home with you" - visit Lively, and download the app (iOS, Android, Windows 8)

    Will you be using Lively? You HAVE to!

    —Amy Sciarretto

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