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  • Look Mexico Talks "Real Americans Spear It"

    Fri, 02 Dec 2011 14:28:40

    Look Mexico Talks "Real Americans Spear It" - In this exclusive interview…

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    Look Mexico decided to kick everything up a notch on their new EP, Real Americans Spear It.

    "We wanted to write songs that were really energetic and rocked from start to finish," declares mainman Matt Agrella. That mission was definitely accomplished as Real Americans Spear It is a hyper-charged rock record, souped up with anthemic hooks and riffs to spare. Look Mexico blaze through one massive refrain after another with a punky energy that's powerful and potent. However, they've got a couple tricks up their sleeve too, and that's what makes this EP so damn fun…

    In this exclusive interview with ARTISTdirect.com editor and Dolor author Rick Florino, Look Mexico's Matt Agrella discusses Real Americans Spear It, Vin Diesel flicks, and so much more…

    Did you have one complete vision for Real Americans Spear It before you entered the studio?

    It's funny how it worked out. We began writing, and they were feeling pretty good. We switched to a new drummer [Nick Chambers], and he was really powerful. He's a great rock 'n' roll drummer. When he got in there, we made the songs complete. When we started working with Adeline Records, we knew we wanted to do an EP. They asked for a seven-inch.

    But you gave a lot more!

    Once we started writing the songs, we didn't want to just come up with two songs, we wanted to do four or five. The instrumental on the EP, "Where Were You, Vince?", was the first song we wrote with Nick. That was actually the first practice we tried him out on. It's definitely a nod to our older stuff. It was pretty amazing to knock out an entire song in one practice. We'd wanted to record with J. Robbins for a long time. I called him out of the blue one day. Once we confirmed we were going to work together, we made sure each song hit exactly where we wanted it to. As a whole, we wanted it to be "on" the entire time, short and sweet, and as awesome as we could make it.

    What's the story behind "That's Funny, Cause It Goes Both Ways "?

    That was the first one where we ventured to write about a girl. We used to have a rule that we wouldn't write any songs about girls or politics. That's gone away since then because a lot more people can relate to those couple of things. That song can apply to any relationship at all though, whether it's a band or significant other. When you know what you want, it's hard to plan your life around someone who doesn't know what they want. It sparked from there.

    Where do the titles come from?

    All of our song titles are quotes from Vin Diesel movies. [Laughs] It's actually pretty funny because all of these are from Fast Five, the latest in The Fast and the Furious franchise. I thought it worked out pretty well because there are five songs and it's Fast Five. The song titles are the last thing we do.

    Is it important for you to tell stories lyrically?

    Definitely! This EP was the first time that we've team-written. Ryan Slate and I would actually sit down together and bounce ideas off each other. We wrote all of the lyrics that way for this EP. We wanted to have stories that you could see and feel like you were experiencing. We tried to make the songs applicable to any situation. We definitely tried to put a little bit more imagery in there and make sense of the stuff. I tried to be more direct with these songs. When that happened, I think a story painted itself.

    If Real Americans Spear It were a movie, what would it be?

    Honestly, Fast Five probably would go pretty well, but I don't want that to be my final pick. That's a good question. I'd have to go with some superhero movie. When The Avengers comes out, that could go really well in there [Laughs]. I'd want to say Captain America, but since it's in the past, it might sound a little weird. I'd go with The Avengers! I have a lot of hope for it. The trailer was awesome.

    Check out their official music video performing "Arrest? I Don't feel Like I'm Under Arrest?" off their newly released EP:

    Rick Florino

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